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Workshop Personal and professional privacy

The workshop was very interesting and touched topics such as meaning of privacy, the threats that technology poses on it and slightly the solutions were also discussed. It should be noted that there was not enough time for discussion and for the elaborating the solutions of the problems.

Stepano Rodota started his speech with following questions: 1) can privacy survive in the age of social networking, whether privacy can survive in the era of internet of things and if privacy can survive in the group profiling. He talked about facebook as one of social networks were identity of participants are transparent. He talked about technology posing threats to privacy. Presenter mentioned hat there are some workplaces where employees are required to use computers that are guided by satellite which direct and monitors them and that It equals to prison surveillance. He
He made a reference to the decision of German constitutional Court which brought innovation in this field by ruling that there is a new basic right to confidentiality and technological system. He said that user should be given the right of selection, opt in approach, and all these goes hand in hand with user centered approach. Lastly he talked about the important of internet bill of rights.

Next speaker Jan marc Dinant-His main topic of discussion was eprivacy. He talked about privacy and marketing and the risk that marketing poses on privacy. He referred to data retention directive as one of the negative documents. Probably one of the interesting part from his presentation was identification of recent problem-according to him it is E-terminals under which he meant RFID, chips. He talked about necessity of regulating them. He also referred to the decision of German Constitutional Court and noted it court covered E-terminal as well. He discussed some examples to show how technology and E-terminal pose a threat on privacy and once again concluded that there is necessity of regulation.

Adela Danciu-workplace surveillance
She identified two main issues which are not particular only for work surveillance but for the internet in general, they are: whether regulations are actually enforced and if yes whether they are efficiently enforced.She mentioned that there are still countries in Europe that have not adopted the relevant documents.
As for the work surveillance she named a decision of ECtHR (Copland) where Court said that employees have legal expectation of privacy protection, and confidentially of their communication. She also named a very interesting survey according to which surveillance increases stress which itself is connected to the right of health. She also said that in the conditions of economical crises , many employees may consent to the surveillance, therefore it should not be the only protection mechanism.
As a conclusion she said that right begins to weaken and trade unions should protect it as much as possible.
Next speaker highlighted the current trends such as more and more children being involved in internet and social networks, and at the same time not being aware of the consequences.

The presentation of the last speaker was also interesting, he presented the survey that more and more people are becoming facebook users. He also mentioned an interesting point that only reading the privacy police is not enough, because people still might not understand it. So, there should be such privacy policies which will be easy to understand. It is a good point, but does not depend on individuals though.
He also talked about E-commerce and that people not trusting internet being one of them main obstacles for E-commerce. He also noted that more and more people are concerned with their privacy and data protection. I think that this statement is controversial, because early during the presentation almost everybody was saying that more and more people are engaging in internet services without being concerned about the consequences.
He introduced new term for E-portals and named them as pervasive/ubiquitous context. Unfortunately, the speaker did not have time to talk about the solution, but he managed to concluded that identity is broken and new identity should be drafted.

The workshop was defientely very interesting, it showed the actuality of the problem and the importance of privacy and data protection. However, unfortunately, there was not much time devoted to elaboration of solutions.

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