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Dear friends and colleagues,

We all work together to achieve  Diplo’s main  objective, which is to strengthen the participation from small and developing countries, in Internet governance policy. Please join us in raising our voices. Many of you are highly qualified; perhaps it is time to consider applying for posts in the Internet governance space. Positions are currently available on the Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF MAG).

This message is a call to action. Put your capability to use. Represent your countries and your communities, countries and communities that need more inclusive, multistakeholder global Internet governance!

Practically speaking, we want to encourage you to apply for a position on the IGF MAG if it is appropriate for you to do so. The deadline is short (24 February 2011), but we will accelerate the process through an interesting experiment in open and inclusive governance. Here is the process:

1. Your application

You are asked to submit your own application to the IGF secretariat, including a short background, and the reasons why you think that you can contribute to the MAG, whom you can represent (in terms of communities, ideas, projects), and what you would like to achieve. Self-nomination is important -- it indicates willingness and self-confidence. It has great legitimacy, freedom from pressure, in the true spirit of volunteerism. Please complete the information at the bottom of this message, and post to the main Diplo blog at www.diplointernetgovernance.org . If you have not already done so, you must also submit your nomination by email to magrenewal2011@intgovforum.org attaching the completed  submission template. More information is available at http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/component/content/article/926-mag-re...

2. Voting

All applications posted by midnight 20 February, will be presented for voting on Diplo’s social community network at www.diplointernetgovernance.org (here) on 21 February. Voting will close at midnight GMT on 23 February. The entire Diplo community is encouraged to vote. The Diplo community results will be posted on the main blog at www.diplointernetgovernance.org (here) and sent to UN DESA on 24 February.

3. Final Diplo community recommendations (endorsements) will be calculated using the following criteria:

40% - results of voting
20% - competence and experience in IG (including quality and level of interaction,)
10% - representation from least developed countries
10% - representation from small island states
10% - representation from countries never before represented at the MAG
10% - gender

4. Final list of five candidates

We will send a list of five candidates to the UN DESA, with the Diplo community recommendation/endorsement.

Important: If you are selected, you will represent your organisations and your countries. You will not represent Diplo. Diplo's role is simply to facilitate a more inclusive selection for the MAG

5. Information to be posted:

Full Name:



Country of Residence:


Stakeholder group:

Background (50 words):

Motivation and goals (50 words):


Nominees must have experience in previous WSIS/IGF processes, and have sufficient time to dedicate to duties as a MAG member. Three meetings will be held before the IGF 2012 in Azerbaijan. The first meeting is scheduled for May. Discussions take place by e-mail during the whole year of tenure, and you must have time available to attend this volume of discussions promptly.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions, please post them to www.diplointernetgovernance.org, or e-mail me at virginiap@diplomacy.edu Also see http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/component/content/article/926-mag-re...

Good luck to all! Warm wishes,


Ginger (Virginia) Paque

Diplo Foundation
Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme
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Comment by Diplo IGCBP on February 22, 2012 at 2:51pm

[Update] Voting for the final list of five candidates for the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group is taking place right now. The poll is accessible here, or by clicking on the tab 'IGF MAG Nominees: Vote!' on the top toolbar. Please note that the poll works best in Firefox or Chrome. If you encounter problems, please use the direct link: http://poll.fm/3jssl. Please help us make this process as inclusive as possible.

Comment by Diólia (Di) Graziano on February 21, 2012 at 1:02am

Full Name: Diolia Graziano

Gender: Female

Nationality: Brazil

Country of Residence: Brazil

Organization: SENAC

Stakeholder Group: Academia / Civil Society


DiploFoundation IGCBP(2011) and Advanced Infrastructure.

MSc in Communication - IPTV in Brazil. My master dissertation carries a retrospective and audiovisual regulatory in Brazil and around the globe at the time the cable TV companies aim to launch new products, appears to Broadband TV and discussions about network neutrality.
I teach IG courses in post graduation in management of social media.


I am interested in participating in the MAG, because since my master I'm involved with Internet governance as a university professor, consultant and researcher. I have no link or partisan government job, my willingness to participate in the MAG is due to idealism and love for the Internet. I am a transparent and responsible woman.

Comment by NKURUNZIZA JEAN PAUL on February 20, 2012 at 3:40pm

Full Name: Jean Paul Nkurunziza

Gender: Male

Nationality: Burundian

Country of Residence: Burundi

Organisation: Burundi Youth Training Centre

Stakeholder group: Civil Society

Background (50 words): I have been involved into the WSIS since 2002 :

-  World Summit  Award ( http://www.wsis-award.org) since 2003  and attended the WSIS thematic meeting in Seoul in June 2005.

- After a successful completion of the IGCBP prodided by DiploFoundation in 2008, I became a tutor for that program from 2008 up to now. 

- In 2008, I attended the 3rd IGF in Hyderabad. I have been actively involved in the preparation of the IGF Burundi 2009 and 2011 and attended the East Africa IGF during those year.

- During the year 2010, a have spent 6 months in a fellowship position at the IGF secretariat in Geneva where I have actively been involved in the preparation of the 5th IGF in Vilnius. Back in Burundi, I set up a remote participation hub for that meeting.


Motivation and goals (50 words): I believe I have a good knowledge about key Internet Governance issues. Participating into the MAG would allow me to contribute to the stability, reliability and openness of the global Internet. Also, I believe I would be in a good position to raise voices of the communities from Least Developed Countries. 

Note: IGCBP : Internet Governance Capacity Building Program

Comment by Veronica Cretu on February 19, 2012 at 9:51pm

Full Name: Veronica Cretu

Gender: Female

Nationality: Moldovan

Country of Residence: Republic of Moldova (Eastern Europe)

Organisation: President, “CMB” Training Center

Stakeholder group: Civil Society

Background (50 words): Post-graduate in Diplomacy & IT, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies of Malta. Tutor and research supervisor as part of Internet Governance Capacity Building Program with DiploFoundation (2005-2007). At-Large Advisory Committee member in ICANN (2007-2008). Acted as ISOC Ambassador for IGF in Rio. International Expert in Liberia, Turkey, Nepal on behalf of Open Society Foundations, NY. Organizer of EuroDIG sessions in Moldova 2010, 2011.  

Motivation and goals (50 words): Interested to learn from the model of IGF’s MAG and bring in the experience of having acted in different boards and committees nationally and internationally. Would be interested to bring in new approaches to addressing the issues of IGF thought MAG, and identifying innovative tools for a more effective and constructive IGF. IGF will have to re-orient towards new/emerging issues, and in doing so, there is need for capacity and expertise, which I am interested to share.   

Comment by Carlos Dionisio Aguirre on February 19, 2012 at 4:04pm
Comment by Kulabako Deborah on February 19, 2012 at 12:10pm

Full Name: Kulabako Deborah

Gender: Female

Nationality: Ugandan

Country of Residence: Uganda

Organisation: Datamine Technical Business School

Stakeholder group: Private Sector

Background (50 words):

I hold a PGD in ICT Policy and Regulations and Bachelor of Arts Degree with Education both  awarded by Makerere University in Uganda,  Certificate in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights and ICT Policy and Strategic Planning both awarded by Diplofoundation. Currently am a tutor at Datamine Technical Business School for ICT Policy and Regulations.

Motivation and goals (50 words):

Sharing and contributing my knowledge and experience globally and in turn i will also acquire  more skills and knowledge which i will use during the teaching, discussions and interaction process with students, Ugandans, East African People and Africans. 

Comment by Dotun Adewunmi on February 17, 2012 at 11:42pm

Full Name: Adedotun Adewunmi

Gender: Male

Nationality: Rwandan

Country of Residence: Nigeria

Organisation: Freespirit Illustrations Company

Stakeholder group: Civil Society

Background (50 words): 

Bearing leadership qualities, I'm populist-driven, having lived most of my life multiculturally. Being an intellectually creative & visionary entrepreneur, I strive for grassroot empowerment. In 2010, I earned a World Summit Youth Award. In 2011, I completed the ISOC NGL e-programme with a 90% grade overall. I'm passionate about equality/progression.

Motivation and goals (50 words):

I want to contribute to e-renaissance of the globally impoverished & want to witness such in my lifetime. My goal is to enable technology to empower youths, so that they can find/leverage the opportunities needed to become successful today. I'm motivated because I know it can eliminate global mass/youth unemployment.

Comment by Milkias Belay on February 17, 2012 at 2:11pm

Full Name: Milkias Belay Beshah

Gender: Male

Nationality: Ethiopia

Country of Residence: Ethiopia

Organization: Ethio Telecom

Stakeholder Group:Government

Background (50 Words):

Milkias Belay is senior IT expert in Ethio Telecom who has been working as quality of service supervisor for broadband Internet service in Ethiopia since 2003. He is public relation officer of Ethiopian IT professionals Association. He has been also advocating and sharing the works of Diplo via Facebook and other Medias. He has been teaching different IT courses in different colleges of Ethiopia. He has Msc in IT.

Motivation and Goals (50 words)

As Public Relation officer of Ethiopian IT professionals Association it will be a good opportunity for me to advocate the good use of Internet in Ethiopia. Besides my experience working in Internet services for the last 9 years, devotion in participating in Diplo Community, directly related educational background and having good contact with government and IT staffs in the country will help Ethiopia to be heard globally.


Comment by Robert Kikonyogo on February 17, 2012 at 1:57pm

Full Name:                             Kikonyogo Robert


Gender                                   Male


Nationality                             Ugandan


Country of Residence           Uganda


Organization:                         Kyambogo University


Stakeholder group:               Government University


Background (50 words)       


I am a male, Ugandan. I hold a Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling Degree, with a professional course in Cisco Certified Network Associate from Makerere University. I completed Certificate in Internet Governance and ICT Policy, I also have Certificate in E-Government with United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN).I am a Fellow of the Cisco Certified Network professionals; I have seven years hands on working experience in banking and knowledgeable with the Micro Finance Deposit Institutions’ Act (MDI).I am currently employed by Kyambogo University as Website Assistant in the office of the vice chancellor. My personal competencies match this position, because I am a results-oriented person with strong IT skills, project management skills, community based experience, interpersonal and excellent written and spoken communication skills. I also have the ability to work under tight deadlines, while remaining flexible and positive in a changing and multi-disciplinary environment. I have no doubt that the described set of attributes, skills, values and qualifications will enable me to work effectively, efficiently and contribute positively to the organization.


Motivation and goals (50 words)

I am writing to apply for this position due to some of the following motivation goals, my educational background and working experience has enabled me to acquire skills in networking fundamentals, internet governance, hardware and software computer skills, customer relationship management, accounts opening knowledge through using Equinox banking software, Orbit system of banking, SQL, and financial card system. This has also given me the ability to handle different challenges and skills through interaction with different people everyday. I am a person who is hardworking, self motivated, analytical and responsible, with an articulate and out going personality, like challenges and seeing them through while remaining focused and humored under pressure. An individual who adapts well to challenges, well organized and working with a team. I can work under minimum supervision, and can analyze issues objectively, am principled, high level of integrity and can manage challenges and conflicts objectively.



I take this opportunity to apologize for exceeding the required words because I have a lot to talk about and I can assure you if am given this opportunity, I will basically be focusing on achieving the mission, goals and vision of the organization.

Comment by JC on February 17, 2012 at 12:12pm

Full Name: J C  SHUKLA

Gender: MALE
Nationality: INDIAN
Country of Residence: INDIA
Stakeholder group:PRIVATE SECTOR
Background (50 words):

I am CEO/Managing director of a company which has created many global opportunities by using internet. Please visit .(www.nahak.com) I am consultant to German and Kenya government for raising investment .

I am consultant to many US and European companies helping them find opportunities through internet.

I have participated in WSIS  -Genewa .

I am working currently on ICT based project 1) Food for all 2) Blood for all 3) Affordable housing in Africa .


Motivation and goals (50 words):

. Internet is extremely powerful tool and IGF is  powerful body.

Time has come that we organise it in such a way that it addresses the acute problems of mankind like poerty,hunger,emploment etc. I have done extensive work in these areas and would like to use it for the greater good of mankind. Currently I am already working in these areas in different countries.




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