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SECURITY AND CIVIL RIGHTS antagonism Between peace and terrorism.

SECURITY AND CIVIL RIGHTS antagonism Between peace and terrorism.

BY Romina Florencia Cabrera.

The human being, Since its inception, is a witness and protagonist of Struggles to Retain and gain power, Whether territory, resources, social position or other connotations. I is a victim and perpetrator of violent acts violate That Their rights and undermine Their human condition.
Civil rights, social conquests are THROUGHOUT history Threatened In This new century by wars or peace without armistice declaration ... terrorism, and terrorism Especially in the digital environment.
Ethics and values ​​are left, moving to a state of anomie face of social and decontrol Such overall problems. When searching, after security (whose best tool is prevention), to resolve conflicts in Original, resort to laws and government programs violate constitutional That Guarantees and human rights Enshrined in international Treaties.
In the digital environment, information is transmitted more Quickly, and multiplies in Such a broad manner That the monitoring of it is lost, and if civil rights are not protected, the population is limited and Undermined Their participation in the Web.
We get this utopia of the common good, That world in Which all can live in peace, Respecting the rights of others, for ourselves and future generations? ...

human duties
However, or Perhaps Because of it, it Urges Remember That There Are Also human duties.
At first there Were the duties
Ulpiano, a great jurist born in Tyre (Lebanon today), searched the imperial Rome are starting points for universal That any legal system. And I came to formulate three principles: "honeste vivere" (live honestly), "alterum laedere non" (not harm others) and "suum quique tribuere" (give each one His Due).
Right here a few days ago an Academic Referred to them. Just remember to show That would be Those three principles on the basis of the law, only They are duties.
Rights can not exist without duties: no enforceable rights and claims, there are duties Because Precisely. In General, there is a great silence on human duties.
That deserves a profound analysis silence, in Which the development is excluded, while human rights, an idea to personnel of autonomy in Its paroxysm Attempts to Identify any claim to a right Subjective. Respecting the autonomy Which is a sign of the times, the Legal [1] Bioethics today is to discern how values ​​are preserved in the borders of life.
Unfortunately, the discourse of human rights (the "realistic utopia" Referred to by Habermas), you eat to ignore the duties to oneself, to others, to society as a whole, the environment and future generations.
The shadow of the eclipse is projected even on the school. Homework was a first exercise of citizenship. Until a few years ago parents of children condicionaban Demands to conduct Their duties. It Seems funny, but today children or Hear That word. The school eradicated: would the "task".
Striking That silence, if we remember That the same Universal Declaration on 10 December 1948 solemnly proclaimed in Paris on Human Rights, states in Article 29 That "everyone has duties to the community in Which alone can Develop freely and fully His personality." [2 ]
Rights can not exist without duties. There are rights and enforceable claims, there are duties Precisely Because
That same year, the statement in Bogota founded the Inter-American Human Rights, was Entitled "Rights and Duties of Man", pointing out in Its preamble That "the line of duty of each is demanding the right of all. Rights and duties are Interrelated in every social and political activity of man. While rights exalt personal liberty, duties express the dignity of That freedom ... "
There proclaim That "the duties of a legal nature presuppose others of a moral nature Which support them in principle and Constitute Their basis" and Ends With another sentence almost forgotten "moral since conduct constitutes the noblest flowering of culture, is duty of every man abide forever ... "
A prestigious International Institute encourages in each country Currently sanction Human Rights Code as part of internal law ITS handler (such as Civil and Commercial one exists, or Criminal). Welcome the proposal. Great task will be to combine in That human duties as detailed in the American Declaration Code. [3]

Rights in the digital realm.

I read a few days ago, impeccable report by the NGO ADC [4], on freedom of expression in the digital realm, a fundamental human right, and to draw the following conclusions: "really the report Reflects the spirit of Achieving internet, open ., secure, free and stable for all, as established Icann [5] It Reflects the situation of freedom of expression online in Latin America, collating data and legal concepts in the region, but with a common concern: the respect for human rights and the promotion thereof. I understand That civil Guarantees rights do not have the same protection in all countries, but Should Measures Promote to Achieve respect for them, and Especially freedom of expression, to receive and send information online, express Themselves, to communicate ideas, feelings, knowledge, actions solidarity. Internet is the most wonderful invention of man, but When Used with respect for others and for positive purposes. Many dictatorial Governments, WHO do not believe in democracy and dialogue, wanted to block pages and social networks, in order to silence voices ... that's the worst That can happen ...... When freedom is Undermined. .se turns off the light of humanity.
I loved your work as addresses the issue of Particularly anonymity on the web .... With the rise of terrorism and cyberterrorism Arises paradox: security vs. civil rights. It's quite a problem ... That actions lead to Prevent disasters can undermine privacy, privacy and protection of personnel data (autonomous and independent law by the Spanish Data Protection Agency). Anonymity on the web has-been used by Journalists, activists Persecuted, public people to express Their thoughts without prior censorship, etc. Facebook now ASKs Their users to use actual names to attack pedophilia and other computer crimes: such as sand cibera ... but will not Affect Those Measures the privacy and the guarantee of freedom of expression of Those People? Obviously ..... must always take steps to protect Citizens from crime ... if there is sufficient evidence to act, or a preventive measure, but always taking into account the rights of citizenship, as in cases of video surveillance in the United ... can not violate the privacy of Individuals in behalf of national security, as in the case of Sweden Implanted chips con sus Citizens for internal monitoring ... human rights must be defended and Promoted in every time and place ... as in the case of people with other sexual choice, or the participation of women in politics, business or public .... and more space on the web, you really Should Achieve structural equality, real, for the common good of the global community and future generations , and as They say VERSES NINTH SYMPHONY oF tHE VAN BEETHOVEN LUDWIG oF in a world Where Will Become men brothers ".


[1] Tau, José María. "The Ecilpse human duties". Newspaper "The Day", Argentina. http://www.eldia.com/opinion/el-eclipse-de-los-deberes-humanos-130573 website edition.">04.21.2016 printed, or http://www.eldia.com/opinion/el-eclipse-de-los-deberes-humanos-130573 website edition. Consulted on the website: 04/23/2016. By Placing human dignity (dignity comes from the Latin word "dignitas" Which would translate the Greek word "axiom": it does not need demonstration) as the center and purpose of all Law, the Law Bioethics draws on the philosophy of rights humans .
These rights are one of the greatest achievements of humanism, while not dependent on place of birth, social status, skin color, or religion, but only of ... human. I've Suffered much humanity as someone tries to undermine ITS value.

[2] Tau, José María. Op cit.
[3] Tau, José María .Op cit.
[4] "Freedom of expression in the digital realm, the state of affairs in Latin America." https://adcdigital.org.ar/2016/04/05/libertad-expresion-ambito-digi....">Website: https://adcdigital.org.ar/2016/04/05/libertad-expresion-ambito-digi.... Consulted on site: 23.04.2016.
https://www.icann.org/es.">[5] Website: https://www.icann.org/es. Consulted on the website: 04/23/2016.

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