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I wanted to write a mini-essay on surveillance of citizens through chips in Sweden or the identification and control of citizens for public policy in India (reflecting whether the express will of the same to their submission to databases does not violate rights civil, or, or, conversely, if the book "the Big Brother" at full power, where members of a community can not escape state surveillance) is.
The other day I had to attend the funeral of a relative of a few close friends (no matter who), and really all down to one thing is summed life and death, and why or if there after ...
I was standing there, consoling friends (so good people), and observing the scene, desolate and a peaceful way if there were diseases. Talk to some people, respect a moment of silence, and after a while I was reading the news groups Computer Law by phone and facebook updates of my loved ones.
The day after the funeral, almost makes me stumble in the street an adult seeking ... pokemones on the street ... I understand it's a technological game that moves millions of dollars in digital commerce ... .but let the real sense: we are distracted in a society which lost values, good manners, love, sense of friendship, ecology, work and reward effort, education; the search for truth, justice and equity, the sense of life itself ...
The ideals of equality, liberty and fraternity, expressed in the French Revolution, are lost to a sleepy society ... if it is true that has made great strides on issues of promotion and defense of human rights, but I'm talking about the everyday ... . the reality of every day that I care ... .the other and not really my pure individualism.
Because they sell more evil deeds than good? .. There is a special marketing or popularity is not explained?
Is boring reflect on social issues that concern us, such as wars and hunger, or highlight artists, scholars, athletes, simple and beautiful things, or simply someone who acted ethically ...
People prefer to be distracted in a process of total denial, in an ideal mental world, and rejecting and even criticizing him showing him the reality? ...

What is the meaning of life? .. According to human rights, religious tolerance is essential, even in the absence of belief. The main thing is respect for coexistence among all.
But no one can be denied the right to practice their religion without disturbing the other. Also ... adhere to any manifestation and internal perception is unique and non-transferable.
Do good for its own sake, expect some reward of immortality or not ... and if you have ..Bienvenida be ... but a world bequeath to future generations a little better, with common sense and love for the common good.
It depreciates because goodness and humiliation and subjugation applaud? ...
"House of Cards" is a very popular series, which explains the trends of mass manipulation of an American sociopath, to maintain power, as its apparent formal relationship with his wife.
At this time, where ICTs play a key role in our daily lives, and where Artificial Intelligence promises to be in two years part of everyday reality, as in the case of health (which is excellent) or car Tesla car that runs, I think we should reach a point at which to move forward with the technological realities, without neglecting the essence of being human. Innovation while respecting some traditional bases, that are flexible and adaptable to reality ... is possible.
Driving a supercomputer, but be struck by the beauty of nature, the moon, the sun, a conversation with another human being ...
It's like in the case of Digital Business: strike a balance between them and the Civil Rights is fundamental to the development of a civilization and a society welfare.
It bequeath a solid foundation for future generations, where they can develop their playing ability, creativity and express emotions, is the most prominent triumph of science: ICT at the service of humanity and not the other way ....
And I'll end with this thought: is funnier one, which delivered one at the same ... nothing positive and hopeful world is only a trial, I hope you liked.
Author: Romina Florencia Cabrera.

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