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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day Four: Management of Critical Internet Resources

1. Is there an over arching national policy to guide infrastructure
deployments within the country?
2. What is the current state of fiber optic cable across the country?
Is there any redundancy on the cables laid across the country?
3. Are there policies in place for infrastructure sharing to avoid
each operator laying their own cable thus passing the cost to the end
4. What is the state of IXPs in Kenya?  are we in retaining  more
traffic locally  compared to say 2 years ago?
5. Communications Authority requires all .ke registrars and the
registry to be licensed by it before they commence business. Why is
the registry being licensed? What would happen if CA withdrew the
license for the registry? Why are registrars licensed twice, first by
KENIC, then CA? Will over regulation hurt the industry?
6. With the eminent depletion of IPv4 addresses around the world, what
is the state of uptake of IPv6 addresses in Kenya?
7. What is being done to ensure there is more uptake of IPv6? Then
there is the exhaustion of IPv4 in some regions of the world like ARIN
forcing them to go full V6 without dual-stacking, what impact does
that have to our country where most networks and content is on v4?
8.Do you have any other views regarding best practice in the
management of critical internet resources?

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