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DOI - Internet of things - Handle System --

RFID traciblity could have impact by creating massive backlash...
Political and Technical ways to prevent these

PET - RFID -- Passive -- can outlast generations of users -- complicated energy sources - activation mechanisms - Sensors --

What kind of chips - what kind of users -- Change the architecture - mute or silence these chips -- tracability and logistics --- when new services are created --- Right to Silence the chips -- Privacy enhanced technology - Mobile technology could read and silence the chips -- PoS - Citizen Takes the chip -- at the PoS - de-activation and Re-activation - opt-in and opt-out mechanism for the objects.

It changes the factors for Passive to Active price parity -- help in deavtivation

Nuetrality of Internet must be protected
Open ness


It could not be the internet as we know it...

Centralized networks... EU...governments have been saying... Ubiquitous computing....We have to take a stand on social, political and economic.

Mobile Internet 100 Mil 3g - 500 Mil users -- ideal placed to say EU principls and values.

Francis Muguet - Internet of things - Network of things

Machine2Machine - M2M communications

Machine2Human -- Pervasive computing

adoption dynamics and legal dynamics -- Defend Privacy

Commerce and Industry
Protection and Monitoring(anti-theft, Security)

Network efficiency
Network security
Democracy and privacy


Direct Mapping -- IPv6 -- distinct possibility
Object naming Services -- ONS


ONS - Epcglobal - gTLD
Handle namespace

M2M is handle
M2H is DNS

Dynamic coalation of Internet of things

Technology is ahead of things...

Bernard --

Bob -- interoperability -- support -- principles in terms of architecture -- nuetrality

Transperency -- open ness -- business issues -- business models -- individuals should have clear expections

Services -- clearity in terms of expectations...

How to ensure -- interoperability and openness -- investment in the core -- fragment the NET -- interoperability -- open architecuture -- specification of interface standards -- services they get -- deep and complex issue -- sensitive question.

Human2Human Network

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Comment by Ramkaran Rudravaram on December 6, 2008 at 8:11am
Nuetrality -- Network must stay stupid -- proirity --

Vincent Cerf - Nuetrility
clean slate -- Dave clark - JINI -- Sensor architecture -- open a pandora's box

New layer of Aggregate the content from sensor network -- aggregate and refine the contents -- filters -- they have the power -- global filtering and sensorship...

Transmiossion or Processing -- Political person... it could not proved -- Minitel -- monitored network -- it never evolved .

Re-Centralization... end-to-end... it is about protecting innovation capabilities -- Kamensky crisis -- Security on network -- legistative approach...

Cisco - open API - Prioritize -- Network Dumb
Comment by Ramkaran Rudravaram on December 6, 2008 at 8:03am
Security - it is not technical - policy

Attacks - Vulnerablites on appliaction connected to net

SPAM -- spam - charging



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