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Gender: MALE

Nationality: UGANDAN

Country of residence: UGANDA


Stakeholder group: TECHNICAL COMMUNITY

Background and/or experience in IG :

Robert is a male Ugandan, currently employed by Kyambogo University-second biggest University in Uganda. Robert is an Information Technology Technician, Website developer, Video editor, a fellow of Diplo Foundation with Four Online courses that is, ICT Policy and Strategic Planning, Research Phase, Advanced Cyber Security, and Internet Governance Capacity Development Program; Robert is also a fellow and competed Internet Governance NGL Course with the Internet Society (ISOC),  he holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Second Class Upper Division) of Kyambogo University, enrolled (MSc) Master’s Degree in Management and Information Systems-Manchester University respectively. Robert is a professional Certified by Cisco Networking Academy from Makerere University. He is a member Internet Society (ISOC), Member Diplo Internet Governance Forum, he also completed online course and was awarded a Certificate in E-Government by the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) http://unpanelearning.wordpress.com/tag/uganda/ 

Robert is a Fellow of the Cisco Certified Network professionals; Robert has got Eight years hands on working experience in Kyambogo University (www.kyu.ac.ug ) & Finance Trust Bank and knowledgeable with the EQUINOX and Orbit banking system, 

Motivation and goals (50 words):

Robert's personal competencies matches this MAG opportunity, because he is a results-oriented person with strong Internet Governance background, Administrative Training, organizational, interpersonal and excellent written and spoken communication skills. Robert has coordinated and participated in the number of IPV6 training workshops with the Uganda National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U)

http://www.nita.go.ug/uploads/IPv6%20List%20of%20participants.pdf http://www.nita.go.ug/index.php/features/181-ipv6-training and mastered the following, describing the issues surrounding IPv4 depletion and the risks they pose for the continued evolution of the Internet, making a good case for why NAT is bad and not a sustainable solution to the problem of IPv4 depletion, Planning their IP addressing needs and apply for the resources from AFRINIC, describe the policy development process; its importance and how to take part it, describe the structure of the Whois database and its importance, Identify the key objects of the Whois database and their attributes,create and manipulate objects in the Whois database, effect Whois database changes for allocations to customers, test their new IP address allocations, design an IPv6 address scheme for their organizations, configure IPv6 on Windows/Mac and Linux desktop operating systems, build a routed IPv6 network using both static routing and OSPFv3, configure tunnelling techniques to allow v6-capable sites talk to other v6 sites across a v4 only network. Robert expects to train the technical community in the IPV6 during the post IGF 2014.

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