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Setting up Remote Hub in Southampton, UK

I first encountered IGF three years ago, when working with Pete Cranston to support young social reporters at the IGF in Sharm El Sheikh. Since then I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to attend IGF in Vilnius and Nairobi working on social reporting with Diplo. This year, I realised I wasn't going to be able to make it to Baku, so decided to experience the other side of remote participation,…


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IGF Workshop Report: Challenging Myths about Young People and the Internet

Reposted from the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance Blog


Below is the formal report from Workshop 92, Challenging Myths about Young People and the Internet, organised by, and including, many members of…


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Reflections on IGF 2011 - challenging myths about youth (#92), eParticipation and #opendata

Reposted from the UK IGF blog. 

The challenge faced by the Internet Governance Forum is a big one: to convene open multi-stakeholder dialogue on extremely diverse Internet issues in order to help shape global Internet policy and practice. Sometimes it can feel like an event of fragmented workshops, repeating year-on-year without making progress: but within the…


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Blogging or Tweeting at #IGF11? Include workshop tags (e.g #63) in your headlines to be part of the #igfbuzz and workshop aggregator #67

Next Monday check back here to the Diplo Internet Governance Community to find a link to the 2011 IGF Social Media Aggregator.


The aggregator will take your blog posts here on the Diplo Internet Governance site, and tweets that use the #igf11 hash-tag and will bring them together in one place, sifting blog posts by topic and workshop - so you can find tweets and blog posts alongside workshop details, transcripts and reports. 


To make sure your posts and tweets…


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Seven Principles for Future Norms in Cyberspace

No, not my title (I've never been a fan of the term 'cyberspace') - but a quote from a recent speech of UK Foreign Minister William Hague on 'Security and freedom in the cyber age - seeking the rules of the road'. The speech was mentioned at the UK Internet Governance Forum…


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#igf10 Theme report: Cloud Computing is still very cloudy

Posted on behalf of Karlene C. Francis.

Overview Paragraph…


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IGF2010 - Round Up #3

Over the course of the 2010 IGF in Vilnius members of the social reporting team have put together over 65 blog posts with analysis and insight into key IGF issues. This round-up posts includes all those mentioned in the past posts, and flags up new blog posts since then. …


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Youth Leadership in a Digital Age: An Internet Governance example (#dc5 #ws70)

Cross-posted from Tim's blog.

The launch of the Young Foundations new report "… Continue

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Cloud Computing #WS36 #WS58 and #WS154

Posted on behalf of Karlene C. Francis.… Continue

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Putting questions to Facebook's Richard Allan #ws82

Richard Allan from Facebook was present at this years IGF in Vilnius, one of the few representatives from the large social media services being discussed.

After some questions on Twitter about the visibility of Facebook at the event, Richard agreed to respond to some of the questions asked in a video interview.

In this clip we talk about:
  • The involvement of Facebook in the IGF, and the…

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Location, Location, Location: Balanced Responses on Safety #ws37?

I was particularly interested in take part in yesterday's session on location based services as I have recently been working on a draft paper about the potential or challenges of using location based services with young people.

The session focussed on 'Location 2.0' as on panellist put it: that is, a new generation of location-based services which, unlike earlier technologies which located…

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An updated round-up at the end of Day 3

As well as a growing channel of video clips we now have many more blog posts from our Social Reporting team. You can see a full list of all the mosts here on DiploInternetGovernance.org that I've detected. All the new posts since last time are noted.

With this rich material the chance of working towards synthesis papers about the key issues in each of these areas is a real possibility.…


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Karlene: Report on Workshop 80 (#ws80) - International Trade and Internet Governance

Posted on behalf of Karlene C. Francis.


The internet has created a global market for the provision of goods and services. Governments are establishing the frameworks… Continue

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Social Reporting so far

I've just been…


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Harnessing the Net for Youth Activism #ws70

This mornings session on harnessing the net for Youth Activism was a good example of how IGF sessions may not lead to answers, but can support a journey towards some shared questions. In a session where it felt like there was as much discussion going on through Twitter as through the microphones in the room, speakers shared a number of case studies of youth activism, both campaigning for change and engaging with formal… Continue

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How will the #igf10 network evolve on #twitter?

igf10 hashtag community

The image above shows the connections between the people who were active using the #igf10 hash-tag in their messages sent to Twitter earlier today. It's a social network diagram (kindly put together in double-quick time using Gephi by @psychemedia) - and indicates…

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Social Reporting at the Internet Governance Forum

The Internet Governance Forum isnʼt just taking place inside this conference centre: itʼs also taking place across the world and across the Internet through remote participation and through informal social media networks. During the 2009 IGF in Sharm El Sheikh over 5000 Twitter messages were sent, 100s of blog posts were written, and many video clips were recorded and published online.

This year DiploFoundation are…


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Hash-tagging IGF 2010 - Suggested tag pattern

Last year over 5000 tweets were posted about IGF. This year I suspect the number will be a lot higher. Add to that all the blog posts, photos, video clips and other social media content - and working out what was going on can be a bit of a challenge.

Of course, the reason we can tell there were 5000 or so tweets about IGF is that's how many included the #igf09 hash-tag that divided IGF tweets from the thousands and millions of others posted during the time of IGF in Sharm…

Added by Tim Davies on September 1, 2010 at 11:00am — 3 Comments



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