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Multistakeholderism (MS) in Connecting the dots Study by UNESCO

On March 3-4, UNESCO headquarters organised a multistakeholder conference dubbed CONNECTing the Dots: Options for Future Action ( http://en.unesco.org/events/connecting-dots-options-future-action).

The meeting was convened to deliberate on a study conducted by UNESCO on Internet related issues. 

I was asked…


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Developing Trust in Multistakeholderism

Multistakeholderism (MS) and what it constitutes continues to be a topic of interest in many internet governance discussions and gatherings.


In the recently concluded IGF 2014 in Istanbul, I was one of the panelists in the session Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanism http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf-2014/schedule-igf2014


Prior to speaking in…


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Exercising freedom of expression!

October 21, 2013

Day 0 of the IGF 2013 kicked off at Bali, Indonesia with several IG-pre events. Human Rights on the Internet: what are they and what do they mean in the context of Internet Governance was one of these events that took place and organized by the Association of Progressive Communicators (APC) http://hr-igf2013.events.apc.org/curriculum-resources/.

The session led by David Souter, aimed at…


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Africa, the home of mobile Money

I was recently invited to speak in a panel http://www.dw.de/mobile-for-development-is-scale-what-matters/a-16655684 at the Deutche Welle Global Media Forum 2013. This session  Mobile for Development—Is scale what matters? was convened by Frontline SMS and brought together speakers from BBC Media Action, the Guardian, and Daraja.

One of the key question that the session focused…


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Attending the Swedish Internet Forum 2013 #sif2013

The Swedish Internet Governance Forum 2013 officially started today and will end tomorrow on May 23, 2013. I will be participating in an opening panel tomorrow morning on internet freedom. Look out for more information on twitter at #sif2013.…

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Opening Statement on behalf of Civil Society, at World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) +10, February 25, 2013

Opening Remarks

Acknowledge dignitaries and Participants


As CS, we applaud the efforts being made to provide accessible remote participation for this meeting, improving possibilities for inclusion and active engagement in this significant global policy process. It is exciting that WSIS is setting an example, which strongly supports timely…


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Google creates Kenya’s 2013 election hub

Kenya's next election will be held on March 4 and the Presidential run off on April 11, 2013. This election is unprecedented and arguably the most important and complex as it will be conducted under Kenya's new constitution, which was promulgated in August 2010. Further, it will have an additional three voting positions.

Previously, Kenyans voted on three positions namely Presidential, Member of Parliament and Civic ward.   This year’s voting will be on six positions, with an…


Added by Grace Githaiga on January 13, 2013 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

Reflecting over WCIT: a first timer's impression

Now that the dust is settling after WCIT, and many opinions and analyses of what transpired being generated by different people, i too have  been reflecting not on WCIT content as so many have done that, but on other areas. My thoughts:

First, it is very challenging to have over 150 governments that are at various levels of development, drawn from different regions,  and divided by language,…


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ITU Secretary General to civil society representatives: WCIT is not about taking control of the internet

The Secretary General Hamadoun I. Touré met civil society representatives during the just concluded World Conference on International Regulations (WCIT). The meeting had been requested by CSOs in attendance, to air their concerns as regards ITU. 

The meeting kick started with three CSO reps outlining concerns. These included the substance of ITRs and what they should not address namely the internet/ICTs, internet…


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World Conference on International Telecommunications: which way the Future of Internet?

The International Telecommunications Union, the UN agency for information and communications technologies, is meeting in Dubai on Dec. 3—14, 2012 to update the current international telecommunications regulations treaty. The last such meeting took place in 1988.

The 1988 treaty established general principles for the provision and operation of international…


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Technology, Economic and Societal Opportunities and Women

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the Government of Kenya and the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) BASIS initiative (Business Action to Support the Information Society) organised a workshop Technology, Economic and Societal Opportunities and Womenduring the just ended IGF in Baku.

The focus was on existing Internet-related economic, cultural, political and social opportunities for women, and the gaps that exist. I…


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IGF 2012 Day 4 (Final Day) "Performance Meter"

So the 2012 IGF has come to an end. Over 1600 delegates attended.

Overall the organisers performed quite well in some aspects and quite poorly in others. Today I will not assess the performance of the day since nothing really changed from yesterday. I will briefly look at the overall performance.


  • The visa letters were sent to delegates on time, plus the dedicated desk at the airport was one area where the organisers…

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The Internet of Humans: freedom of expression is good but we must be mindful of the feelings of others.

This year’s IGF has seen the theme of human rights feature in many sessions. I attended two sessions that made me think seriously about how we communicate online. The sessions Freedom of expression and freedom from hate online, and the Internet of humans organized remotely by Diplo’s Sheba Mohammed were such an eye opener.

Important issues that we ever hardly think about when communicating online were raised and generated stimulating debate in relation to our right to…


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IGF 2012 Day 3 "Performance Meter"

You would expect that this being day 3, the energy levels of delegates would be going down. My assessment is that this is not the case. Enthusiasm was demonstrated by delegates and sessions were on time, and were characterized by stimulating debates.   

How was the score card today?

1. On a scale of 1-10, I would give 4 out of 10 for the internet. Some delegates had no problem accessing it, but those were the ones who mostly operated from the internet cafe. 



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IGF 2012 Day 2 "Performance Meter"

Today was definitely a better day at Baku expo Center and we can say  that the challenges experienced by the organisers on day one of the 7th IGF were 'teething problems'. There were great improvements.


  •  The bus driver from our hotel (where Diplo delegates are staying) was creative and instead of using the usual route to take us to Baku Center the venue of the IGF, he drove us via the old town which is really a tourist attraction. We were able…

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The IGF 2012 Day One "Performance meter"

The 2012 IGF kicked off today the 6th day of November 2012. Baku expo where the IGF is taking place happens to be quite some drive from most hotels where delegates are staying. The meeting place is one big hall that has been partitioned temporarily for purposes of this meeting. The partitions do not reach the roof top and therefore it would be very easy to hear what is going on in other rooms besides the meeting one is attending.  

To prevent this leaking or in broadcast language…


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Hello Baku!

 When Diplo awarded me the VeriSign fellowship to attend the 7th IGF in Baku, I had in mind that I would be visiting a developing country. In my imagination, a developing country has such characters as an undeveloped infrastructure, power and water shortages, and pockets of informal settlements. And so I arrive at the airport, go through immigrations with ease and without any drama. It was really easy as there was a dedicated desk at the airport to facilitate IGF delegates.

We start…


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