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October 2009 Blog Posts (36)

Internet Censorship in Ukraine

Ukraine may adopt a law that will enable ISPs to monitor user's and block their access to some online content. P.S. The presidential elections are in January 2010.

Here is the information from http://bmeyes.blogspot.com/2009/10/ukrainian-404-error-for-everybody-404.html

On October, 22nd 2009 Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada… Continue

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18 August 2009






This letter comes from nearly 150 individual and organizational members of ICANN’s

Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC). It is also endorsed by public interest groups

outside of NCUC. We are all… Continue

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IG Youth E-consultation

The Youth and IG Team is gathering inputs and feedbacks from youth and the entire IG community.

These information will allow you to contribute for a suitable IG youth strategy.

Please take just 10 minutes to your precious time to fulfil the short questionnaire available at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=KrbuILlnM7lR_2fEAcETcoOw_3d_3d

We need your voice !

Deadline: 4th… Continue

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Fourteen Lessons from the Internet Governance Forum


This post is one of the texts featured in the forthcoming publication "IGF: Identifying the Impact" that will be launched at the IGF meeting in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF - the principal global body in the field of Internet governance) has introduced some innovative approaches in managing global policy processes. Some of these may… Continue

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WAIGF Communiqué

Shared by our colleague Lillian Sharpley (pdf file attached:WAIGF Communique.pdf )

WAIGF Communiqué

14-16 October 2009

Accra, Ghana

“Promoting the Multi-stakeholder Model for further Internet Development in Africa”

We, the participants at the West African Internet Governance Forum

held… Continue

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Twitter #ICANN

ICANN meeting is being intensely reported on Twitter and we organized a tool to visualize all tweets with the #ICANN hashtag here:


Who do you suggest to follow on Twitter to get a good grasp of the ICANN meeting? If you are on the… Continue

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West Africa Internet Governance Forum

a week ago, I was on my way back from West Africa, in Accra, Ghana to be precise.....form representing the five East Africa Countries (Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania,Burundi and Rwanda) in the forum.

I had an awesome time, apart from the time changes that gave me a very difficult time to adjust......the forum was a great success.

I have always had the passion for capacity building . I fostered the partnership between KICTAnet(… Continue

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the second East Africa Internet Governance Forum.

In September 7th – 9th was the set date for the EA-IGF to take place in Nairobi, Kenya….today the 1st of September 2009 the person incharge of logistics is unwell. .....talk about an unfortunate scenario......So I had to step in and do logistics….ensure everyone expected in the country got here…. had their tickets, arranged their pick-ups and has a room…..WOW…talk about sleepless nights!


Initially… Continue

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Making Policy - Science or Arts (negotiations)? Can we measure policy?

You must have been in the situation that you read something you disagree with from a person whom you appreciate or admire. Should we trust that person or our logic? It happened to me while reading an interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. He is a great person in many respects, since his early days in Novell. His achievement in Google are amazing. "But" he said, or at least as it was reported by the Washington Post:

With Google's vast power for capturing and remembering…

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Diplo @ "The Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet Politics"

Great news! This evening, at a ceremony in the French National Assembly, Diplo received an award as one of “The Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet Politics” given by PoliticsOnline. Other laureates include Google and Twitter.

The Diplo Internet Governance Community - if you are a professional working with Internet governance, you can… Continue

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Newcomers from Saint Lucia

Several of the students from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) where I teach have expressed an interest in Internet governance issues. I recommended that they should join the Diplo ning because it would be a good place to learn more. Please make them feel welcome and help them if they have questions. So far I think we have Meghan and Orrisha but I believe there are more to come. My colleague Monique is also here now. So soon we will need an SALCC Group :-)

Best wishes to… Continue

Added by Deirdre Williams on October 23, 2009 at 3:29am — 1 Comment

II LAC Preparatory IGF Meeting: the report

If you are doing a comparate study of different regions and their perspectives on the Internet Governance themes or specifically interested to find more about how Latin America and the Caribbean is taking a leading role, this report shared by Carlos Afonso is a must-read.

The audio and video has already been shared by… Continue

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An Attempt to Explain the Internet Governance Forum

A few days ago, over a glass of beer, I tried to explain to a friend of mine what I do. This was not an easy task. Since he is a programmer, I thought it would be easier to explain the Internet Governance part of my work to him (rather than the diplomatic part), including the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The start of my explanation was not promising. He had many questions. After a few beers, my reputation started to shake. But necessity is the mother of invention, so I decided to explain… Continue

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Diplo Professional Development Workshops

Upcoming Workshops in November 2009

» Public Speaking: Prepared and Impromptu

» Time (Stress) Management and Crisis Communication

DiploFoundation's series of Professional Development Workshops is a result of many years of experience in the field of diplomatic training and knowledge sharing. They focus on an interactive, face-to-face, and hands-on… Continue

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Survey invitation for a research project on intellectual property right on the Internet

Dear Diplo Internet Governance Community,

I would like to invite you to voice your opinions on copyright issues in cyberspace and thus participate in the research project of a young Bulgarian researcher.

“Intellectual property rights on the Internet: issues and challenges” is the provisional title of the MA thesis research of Nikolay Kolev. The project aims to summarize the global debates related to intellectual property rights in the age of web 2.0 and the different policy… Continue

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Twitter aggregates from WAIGF

For all who want to follow the West Africa Internet Governance Forum, you can visit the following link



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[Interview] Guilherme Almeida de Almeida, Brazil

BRASILIA (Diplo) - Crowdsourcing being used by the government to enact a new law? This innovative approach is being taken in Brazil and Guilherme Almeida de Almeida (Diplo IGCBP 2006 Alumnus) tells how this may prevent a "vigilante" approach towards ISPs in Brazil.

DIPLO IGCBP: Guilherme, what are you doing today… Continue

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Privacy and Our Survival Instict - "To See and Not To Be Seen"

To see and not to be seen is the survival principle in nature. The game between predator and prey is as old as nature. Plants and animals try to camouflage and increase chances for survival in spite of the Darwinian predicament of the survival of the fittest. Humans are no different. Since the early days, the key for survival was to see prey and not be seen by predators, and with the development of civilization later on, by other humans. Military history is the history of camouflage and… Continue

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[Interview] Lillian Sharpley, AfriNIC

The second annual West Africa IGF starts today and Diplo had an interview with Lillian Sharpley, from AfriNIC!

DIPLO IGCBP: Lillian, can you tell us more about Adiel Akplogan?

LILLIAN: Adiel A. Akplogan is the Chief Executive Officer of AfriNIC and currently serves as the Chairman of the NRO Executive Council (Number Resource Organization –… Continue

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Check the audios and videos of the II Latin American and the Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the IGF

The audio and video files of the sessions of the II Latin American and the Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the IGF are now online: visit http://www.nupef.org.br/igf/english/audio.html

This event was organized by Instituto Nupef, Rits, APC (Association for Progressive Communications) and LACNIC. It was held in Rio de Janeiro, in August, 2009. The meeting has reached the purpose of involving more players from the region in the discussion of the themes and dynamics of global IGF, of… Continue

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