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September 2009 Blog Posts (100)

Workshop Personal and professional privacy

The workshop was very interesting and touched topics such as meaning of privacy, the threats that technology poses on it and slightly the solutions were also discussed. It should be noted that there was not enough time for discussion and for the elaborating the solutions of the problems.

Stepano Rodota started his speech with following questions: 1) can privacy survive in the age of social networking, whether privacy can survive in the era of internet of things and if privacy can… Continue

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Roundtable of European Parliamentary perspectives regarding internet governance

The aim of the roundtable was to present and expose the positions and perspectives of members of parliaments. Participants noted that there are quite many developments in Africa while Europe is behind. Everyone stressed that solution is the multistakeholders format and necessity of cooperation with civil society. Issue of net neutrality was one of the main issues touched by the participants.

One of the issues that were discussed during the roundtable was whether internet requires a special… Continue

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Workshop-Cybercrime and security:Public-private-partnership

Roundtable-Cybercrime and security: Public-private-partnership

From the very beginning facilitators identified the main topics such as prevention of crime, fundamental rights and cybercrime and cyber security. The workshop conveyed the important message with which I totally agree that it is getting more and more necessary to fight against cybercrimes and in this process the public private partnerships are crucial. It was very interesting to see the different approaches and perspectives… Continue

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Workshop 5 - Effective Media Literacy for the End User

When I read the description of the workshop 5 - Effective media literacy for the end-user – and chose to attend it, I was expecting a debate on what media literacy would mean for different end users, on what kind of skills and / or competences define the concept of “media literacy” and make it efficient.

To be honest my expectations were only partially fulfilled. The workshop evolved around presentations on 3 main topics that have been examined mainly in relation to provision… Continue

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EuroDIG 2009: Day1

My impressions after the first day at EuroDIG? It has been a big brainstorming, an excellent way of finding out many different points of view in a very small time interval. Even if we didn't reach any enlightened conclusions I'm sure that everyone found something useful for his/her future work.

Added by Cosmin L. Neagu on September 14, 2009 at 10:28pm — No Comments

EuroDIG Opening Session

The opening session gathered representatives from the institutions which are the main supporters and organizers of the EuroDIG, and reflecting on the same time the multistakeholderism principle of IG debate.

The Swiss Government representative underlined the importance of having an inclusive dialogue also in terms of geographical representation and in this context she mentioned the funding of the Diplo programme that brought to EuroDIG the successful participants of the European… Continue

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Opening Statements

Opening statements

Philippe Boilat Director General of Human rights and legal affairs talked spoke about EuroDig and stated that Eurodig deos not have a formal mandate. He thanked all the people, organizations and networks that were presented on the conference. He noted that CoE promots human rights and democracy and it applies to online world as well. So awareness and effectiveness is one of the priorities of CoE. He highlited the importance and role of internet and sated that that… Continue

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The Internet of 2020: Future services (WS6)

To be perfectly honest nobody really knows what might happen in 10 years. Regarding the Internet, 5 year predictions are long time predictions. Nobody really dares predicting Internet technologies beyond that.

The 2020 Workshop (WS6) barely touched the subject and didn't get much past the intellectual property or RFID but these are not important for way the Internet will look 10 years from now.

What we can do to get an idea about the Internet of the future is to take the current… Continue

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Workshop 4 – Cybercrime and cyber security: public private partnership

With the continuous evolution of Internet and the widespread online crimes, the adoption of anti cybercrime and cyber security strategy is extremely important both an national and international level. A solution for efficient adoption of such strategies is private public partnership: the private sector has experience, while the public sector has the possibility to enforce these strategies. Neither the private sector nor the public one can address cyber security issues by themselves:…


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Workshop 3 – The Internet – critical to our lives: are we sure it is reliable?

The functioning of Internet is highly dependent of the cooperation between all its stakeholders. It is not only a issue dependant on the technical community; the public sector and the end users also make their contribution to the functioning of Internet.

The workshop tried to address the issue of how adequate the current arrangements of the Internet are. Starting from this question, it was agreed that there is a need for more confidence and trust on the Internet and that more…


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EuroDIG, Workshop 4: Cybercrime and Cyber Security: Private-Public-Partnerships

This workshop was a useful one as it addressed emerging cyber security issues. Unfortunately, the question of PPPs was not addressed well, as most of the presentations were about importance of privacy and security.

One of the issues that most of the stakeholders agree is that child abuse needs to be prevented. Other issues are a subject to debate, among them phishing, malware and criminal money. There is also a danger of clashes of what to prevent. It is also a widespread perception of the… Continue

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Rountable of European parliamentary perspectives regarding IG

Talking about the future of the IG debates, the speakers mentioned the need to maintain the engagement of all stakeholders and to keep the IGF process a bottom up one. In dealing with critical Internet resources, while ICANN functions should be maintained, the organization should find a way to become more internationalized and accountable to all stakeholders.

Regarding Internet national regulations, while there are issues that need to be addressed in this manner, there is definitely…


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Opening statements by stakeholder group

In this first session, several speakers were invited to share their views on the importance and usefulness of the EuroDIG and on the IG debates, generally.

Philippe Boillat, director General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs in the Council of Europe views the EuroDIG as an inclusive initiative, but which does not yet have a formal mandate, a structure and a funding mechanism. In this context, the Council of Europe is willing to provide secretariat support to EuroDIG in…


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EuroDIG first day

It was interesting to learn during the plenary session that there are two parts in internet governance discussion:(1) governments and businesses and (2) parliaments and civil society. The other important message of plenary session was the stress on the possible valuable contribution from academic networks.

Some slogans have been articulated today as well:

Georgios Kipouros: “Educating youth we diminish the necessity for regulation”

Vincenzo Maria Vita: “Internet is not new… Continue

Added by Marina Sokolova on September 14, 2009 at 9:46pm — No Comments

EuroDig, Workshop 1: End-users access to and choice in services (Net Neutrality Workshop)

The workshop had an aim to discuss various Network Neutrality (NN) issues such as

* how to build the economic model for ISPs;

* how to provide a balance and keep openness of the Internet;

* how to strike a balance between businesses and users;

* how to find a balance for the regulators.

Each of the presenters made a presentation about NN issues mostly with regards to their countries, although there were some universal NN presentations as well.

Frode Sørensen,… Continue

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4. Workshop 6: The Internet of 2020: Future services

This was the workshop where everybody said they did not know what was going to happen in the future. Still, copyright was in the centre of attention of the discussion, with the “old” generation considering it a restriction and the “young” generation saying that there was no information which one cannot find for free. The European Youth Forum representative added that he was not happy with illegally downloading content, but he was not happy with Tom Cruise earning 15 million euro while he could… Continue

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3. Workshop 2: Personal and professional privacy

Participants in the workshop talked about all the aspects of privacy. There were contributions from academics, regulatory bodies, NGOs, the business, the youth. Many interesting ideas were shared and exchanged:

- People are becoming citizens of Facebook in the way they are citizens of a country;

- It is important to regulate e-terminals;

- Enforcement of existing privacy legislation should be improved;

- Constant surveillance of people at work is increasing teh risk of… Continue

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2. Roundtable of European parliamentary perspectives regarding Internet governance

Two main issues were discussed at the roundtable: the dialogue between the institutions dealing with the issues of IG and the existing and future regulatory framework of the Internet: which are the most important problems in the area.

The conclusions about the first topic were simple: a multistakeholder approach should be adopted and institutions should communicate with one another, learning from each other’s best practices. Regarding the second topic, several questions were raised:… Continue

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1. Opening statements by stakeholder groups

The most striking thing about the opening ceremony was that Georgios Kipouros, European Youth Forum representative, was the one who delivered the most clear and straightforward message from all participants in the session. He outlined the key problems in the Internet Governance area and encouraged the EuroDIG participants to focus on these issues during the two days of the conference.

For me, there are at least two reasons for this "phenomenon". First, youth people like Georgios and… Continue

Added by Andreana Stankova on September 14, 2009 at 9:21pm — 1 Comment

The Internet – critical to our lives: are we sure it's reliable? (WS3)

First of, as it was pointed out at the workshop, we don't have a clear definition of what reliable mean. Are we talking about reliable services or reliable infrastructure and to what extent does it need to be reliable?

From the technical point of view, the core infrastructure is reliable enough. The main Internet exchange points report consistent 99.9999% uptime for la last 5 years. The Domain Name System is distributed and redundant by design so it scores quite high on the “reliable”… Continue

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