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August 2017 Blog Posts (11)

Revue hebdo Gouv Internet : Cyber géopolitique (U.S, Russie, Chine); Données Personnelles & Brexit; Partenariat Google-Walmart; Partenariat China Life-Baidu; Intelligence artificielle


Cette semaine, Cyber ​​Geoplitique et l'économie numérique à la UNE des manchettes sur…


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IG Weekly Brief : Cyber geopolitics (U.S, N.Korea, Russia); UK on data and Brexit; Google-Walmart partnership; China Life-Baidu partnership; Telsa urge UN to stop Autonomous Weapons


This week, Cyber geoplitics and digital economy made most press headlines on internet Governance of several online medias. So, the


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Revue hebdo Gouv Internet : ALENA sur économie digitale; Géants du Net bloquent groupe Néo Nazi; Chine avertit sur la vente des VPN; Cable sous marin US-Asie du Sud-Est

Cette semaine; les Etats Unis, le Canada et le Mexique engagent les discussions pour renégocier l'accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA) avec des attentes sur le commerce électronique pour renforcer l'économie numérique en Amérique du Nord.

Le ministère russe des Communications a proposé de limiter la propriété étrangère sur les points d'échange Internet à 20 pour cent, suite à des restrictions similaires aux participations russes en 2014.

En Chine,…


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IG Weekly Brief : NAFTA on digital trade; Tech firms to block neo-nazi groups; China warns over illegal VPN sale; Southeast Asia-United States undersea cable..


This week,  North American Free Trade Agreement begins with expectation in addressing digital trade, services and e-commerce to strengthen the digital economy in North America.

Russia’s Communications Ministry has proposed limiting foreign ownership over internet exchange points to 20 percent, following similar restrictions to Russian media holdings in 2014.

In China, chinese authorities have issued a warning to the country’s top e-commerce…


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Congreso internacional por la paz. Fuente: Dr. Edgardo Torres. Perú.

Excelentíssimo colegas e amigos

Cumprimentando-o cordialmente, pelo presente…

Added by Romina Florencia Cabrera on August 18, 2017 at 6:20pm — No Comments

Revue Web Gouv Internet : Brésil lance consultation sur GI; Marcus Hutchins arreté; cable sous marin Afrique-Amérique du Sud; RDC pour ralentissement internet; partenariat Sberbank-Yandex


Cette semaine, le Brésil a lancé une consultation publique sur la modernisation de la gouvernance de l'internet dans le pays avec une forte opposition de la société…


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IG Weekly Brief : Brazil's IG reform project; Africa-South America submarine cable; Yandex to partner with Sberbank; China's Internet crackdown; UK's data protection law; failures on IoT projects


This week, Brazilian telecom authorities launched a public consultation on potential updates and modernization of the country's internet governance framework with strong opposition from Civil Society.

On securtiy, Marcus Hutchins, who found a 'kill switch' for the WannaCry ransomeware, arrested in Las Vegas airport last week has now been accused of helping to create and distribute the Kronos banking Trojan that was designed to steal funds from online bank… Continue

Added by Mamadou LO on August 11, 2017 at 5:52pm — No Comments

Increase in UN membership-reasons for expansion & implications

In 1945, the intergovernmental organization, the United Nations (UN) was founded by 51 states with the aim to promote international cooperation and maintain international order. Since post-World War II era, and widespread decolonization of British and US colonies in the 1960s and 1970s, many peace-loving countries joined the UN, after gaining independence, although they have to meet the proper criterion. As a result many territories and sovereign independent states,…


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Revue Hebdo Gouv Internet : Nations unies v/ contenus extrémistes; Coopération cyberespace UA-Chine; le stopper de Wannacry arreté; Plus de jeunes en ligne selon l'UIT


Cette semaine; Le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU a adopté à l'unanimité une résolution demandant tous les pays de coopérer "pour empêcher les terroristes d'acquérir des armes", y compris via internet ou les réseaux sociaux. Le forum Internet mondial pour lutter contre le terrorisme (GIFCT) mis en place par Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter et YouTube a tenu sa première réunion le 1er août à San Francisco.

Le chercheur en cyber sécurité qui a stoppé la…


Added by Mamadou LO on August 4, 2017 at 8:24pm — No Comments

IG Weekly Brief : UN & GIFCT v/ terrorism content online; Africa Union-China cyber cooperation; More youth online; Wannacry stopper arrested, ; Russia to remove VPNs...


This week; The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Wednesday urging all countries "to act cooperatively to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons" including via the internet or social networks. The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) set up by Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube to counter the threat of terrorist content online hold its first meeting on 01 August in San Francisco.

The 22-year-old British…


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