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Article 1

Purpose and Scope of the Regulations

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2 1.1 a) These Regulations establish general principles which relate to the provision and operation of international telecommunication services offered to the public as well as to the underlying international telecom­munication transport means used to provide such services. They also set rules applicable to administrations*. These Regulations do not address the content-related aspects of telecommunications.

*         or recognized private operating agency(ies)

[this goes throughout the old document]

2A abis) These Regulations also contain provisions applicable to those operating agencies, authorized or recognized by a Member State, to establish, operate and engage in international telecommunications services to the public, hereinafter referred as "authorized operating agencies".

3 b) These Regulations recognize in Article 9 the right of Members States to allow special arrangements.

4 1.2 In these Regulations, “the public” is used in the sense of the population, including governmental and legal bodies.

5 1.3 These Regulations are established with a view to facilitating global interconnection and interoperability of telecommunication facili­ties and to promoting the harmonious development and efficient operation of technical facilities, as well as the efficiency, usefulness and availability to the public of international telecommunication services.

6 1.4 References to CCITT Recommendations and Instructions of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) in these Regulations are not to be taken as giving to those Recommendations and Instructions the same legal status as the these Regulations.

7 1.5 Within the framework of the present these Regulations, the provision and operation of international telecommunication services in each relation is pursuant to mutual agreement between administrations* authorized operating agencies.

8 1.6 In implementing the principles of these Regulations, adminis­trations* authorized operating agencies should comply with, to the greatest extent practicable, the relevant CCITT Recommendations, including any Instructions forming part of or derived from these ITU-T Recommendations.

9 1.7 a) These Regulations recognize the right of any Member State, subject to national law and should it decide to do so, to require that administrations and private operating agencies authorized operating agencies which operate in its territory and provide an international telecommunication service to the public, be authorized by that Member State.

10 b) The Member State concerned shall, as appropriate, encourage the application of relevant CCITT ITU-T Recommendations by such service providers.

11 c) The Members States, where appropriate, shall cooperate in imple­menting the International Telecommunication Regula­tions (for interpretation, also see Resolution No. 2) these Regulations.




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