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At 3:15am on September 5, 2009, Laxman Niroula said…
Hello gentle man how are you ? this is Laxman Niroula From Nepal...
At 1:31am on August 27, 2009, Sylvia Herlein Leite said…
Dear Seiiti, thank you for the welcome. I´ve been only 3 years in the "Internet World" and I really need kind people in that technical World. I´m studying in order to get acquainted with all this. In my organization we are studying about the internet governance issues, and also I tried to go to Rio to weeks ago but unfortunately they didn´t give me financial help. I put the Diplo Fundation webpage into my Favorites and now that I´m part of that group it will be easier to be inside the news. I hope you see you soon.
At 6:12pm on July 30, 2009, Victoria Aikins said…
Seiiti, things are getting better. I have assumed new schedules at the Cabinet Secretariat of the Presidency, since May 2009. Its hectic here but am finding my space. Because of my new schedules, i hardly get to do IG stuff, am really missing that but..... trust you are ok. Keep me posted on issues.
At 3:31pm on May 7, 2009, Wisdom Machacha said…
Hie Seiti
I saw that you will be in Dakar, Senegal on the 27th. I will also be there for the elearning africa conference. I am booked at the Meridien, President. Can we get in touch? Wisdom Machacha IGCBP graduate 2007.
At 11:37pm on April 30, 2009, Virginia (Ginger) Paque said…
What is the name of the group you and John Kennedy started?
At 2:36pm on April 11, 2009, Charity Gamboa-Embley said…
happy birthday? got the alert from TIG :)
At 6:31pm on April 4, 2009, Dima Epstein said…
Thanks for the note! And yes, I am Bernard's friend. How did you figure that out? :)
At 3:58pm on February 23, 2009, John Kennedy said…
Done and done! Thanks for your help! :)
At 3:21pm on February 23, 2009, John Kennedy said…
Yes, we would like to have our own group.
At 3:16pm on February 23, 2009, John Kennedy said…
Hi Seiiti,
I know that a small group of us have just entered into the Diplo community, and will be going through a learning process together. So it will probably be more useful for us to have our own group to help us get start. That and we wouldn't want to take over anyone else's group, would we! :)

I'll forward the link, though. Thanks for your help.

At 6:30pm on January 27, 2009, Latif Ladid said…

It's the same one. I just forgot to put the brief after I release the first one.

At 3:54am on November 18, 2008, Fernando José Capeletto Neto said…
Oi Seiiti, participo de outras redes sociais baseadas no Ning também, como a LearningTown, a College2.0 e a News School, as duas primeiras provém funcionalidade de RSS para as activities e para os blogs posts.
Com isso é possivel amarrar via twitter os RSS das redes sociais e prover connectividade de modo que você acompanha a entropia das redes enquanto trabalha e com isso tem facilidade pra administrar multiplas participaçoes em grupos sociais, enquanto documenta as atividades e ainda prove intercambio dos grupos, enfim, é uma experiencia de trabalho interessante e voce pode acompanhar a dinâmica pelo meu twitter: http://twitter.com/fjcapeletto/
Mas o que eu queria saber é se, sendo essa rede social também baseada no ning, se você optou por desabilitar os RSS por algum motivo e se não acha interessante habilitá-los.
At 2:43pm on October 23, 2008, Iffat Rose Gill said…
Hi Seitti,
I finally found time to explore this very interesting platform and registered. I still need to do updating though. an i would love to create a group on youth based on lots of exciting stuff we are doing and planning to do!
Keep in touch!
At 4:08pm on October 22, 2008, Maria Voican said…
Thank you Seiiti! It is so good to hear from friends.
At 5:37pm on October 21, 2008, Fouad Bajwa said…
Hi Seiti, thanks for sharing information about this community and the directions and yes I have a bit of knowledge about ning.com and its function because I am managing a community on Digital Access/Rural Networking on Pakistan and then part of a major ICT practitioners group so alls well!

Hmm, I will look into creating a group once I see the opportunity for it to be a sustainable group and that can bring out useful information. Btw, I am a member of the WSIS Civil Society Caucus/CS Caucus to the IGF :o) I intervened in the agenda setting for the Cairo IGF including the subject of openness. Its actually there now!
At 11:12am on October 21, 2008, Siranush Vardanyan said…
Thanks, Seiiti, for directions, which is really helpful
At 1:23pm on October 18, 2008, Charity Gamboa-Embley said…
Okay Seiiti, I will do that and let you know. I am working with Jamil on the TIG. :)
At 4:35pm on October 13, 2008, Sovala Agaiava said…
Okay...here it is...lol



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