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When studying computer and collaborative education back then in high school, we used to mention a number of advantages and benefits of the Internet but there was this advantage that, I come to see today, we never used to mention. I am not sure whether the Internet was not yet developed enough to be considered as a means for online dating or we were not mature enough to be given that information.

Yesterday being a 14th of February, a day when some people who celebrate love only once in a year, were expressing love to their loved ones, I got to think about the effects of Internet in the way we express our love. Today some people don't even have the time to make calls, deliver physical gifts but an Internet message suffices. It further goes on how we set out to find this love. How do we get our loved one?

It is with no doubt that some people have found their loved one through the Internet, a phenomenon called Internet dating. Does it really work, is it worth considering as regards serious relationships?

As people call it gambling, some give it the credit of gambling with no down side. With out denial, some people have been lucky enough to find their life partners, loved ones through online dating.

In our traditional under developed nations, it is a thing reserved for the developed nations. I am not sure whether it is because of moral 'reservedness' or Internet penetration hindrances that have maintained this status but it is a matter of serious consideration.

The Internet to some critics, is a factor that has developed this high degrees of laziness and it goes with out query that this factor has also eaten into the way we date today. Our generation is characterised with the need to automate every thing to an extent of going behind a computer screen to find love. Either we are not bold enough or confident enough to present our selves to the prospective lovers, it still shows the power of the Internet.

Caution however has to be exercised as the same Internet we praise can be the mother of disaster. We have heard of men who meet men instead of ladies because of Internet dating, people who go for their first date with the Internet match only to find them selves loosing all their belongings. In the name of love we might meet all sorts of people with vast intentions. The Internet is a collection of all sorts of people with good and bad plans, people who want to use every opportunity to earn a living because of the freedom of expression and anonymity. It is against that background that we have to take due consideration before we jump into this automated love searching.

As I move out to deliver a flower (physical natural flower by the way) to some one, I want us to reflect on the matter of online dating. Whether it really works. Is it where the world is moving in search for love? Will our traditional beliefs in love and relationships die out as we experience higher and better Internet penetrations?

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