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Privacy and Our Survival Instict - "To See and Not To Be Seen"

To see and not to be seen is the survival principle in nature. The game between predator and prey is as old as nature. Plants and animals try to camouflage and increase chances for survival in spite of the Darwinian predicament of the survival of the fittest. Humans are no different. Since the early days, the key for survival was to see prey and not be seen by predators, and with the development of civilization later on, by other humans. Military history is the history of camouflage and deception.

What about our own era and the Internet? We “see” more than ever before. We can see both what is going on the other side of the planet, and increasingly, behind the walls of our neighbours. As a part of the deal – the “Internet social contract” - we are also “seen” by others more than ever before. Here is where privacy, before a dry and legalistic topic, comes into a new perspective in addressing one of our primary instincts for survival. Can we reduce the opportunities “to be seen” by increasing our privacy? Can we reduce our chances of “being seen” and, in the same time, increase our chances “to see”? What is the survival strategy for the Internet era?

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