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Privacy has now earned a world class name that everyone is interested to know and see the end result. Every homo-sapiens want at least little privacy and this is totally absent in our world today. How? With the advent of technology privacy has been thrown to the sea of no return. World today can be called E-world due to the presence of technology everywhere. Imagine that human race can no longer do without product of technology…Woo that is great and magnificent. Technology is not the problem but the way it is use to violate the law of privacy is the problem in today’s world. Everyone is clamoring on security when the people dealing with security of the people are the main person behind the scene who pioneers the idea of privacy violation.

There is no total security anymore unless technology is to be story and every live embrace ancient world but if this can’t be done we should be talking on how to minimize privacy violation.

Why privacy violation? As you know there are bad guy and good guy, those who invent technology and use for security purpose and those who use it for gain or revenge. Privacy violation can result from profit making, revenge, defense, damage, power acclamation, fun/exploration etc.

People violate the law of privacy because of profit making. These people use technology tools and service, social engineering to break into people’s domain, organization by stealing important information which could cost them their lives and destroy the image of the organization. The people in this category are well inclined and expert in stealing credit cards and banks information.

Many can say that the world we are today is justice world but I can tell you is a revenge world where everyone smiling at his/her neighbor thinking there is love but within is hatred and conceived evil on how to destroy others. Seekers of revenge built and use technology to destroy fellow human being and properties as a result of what has happened between the two parties. Therefore, guilty of privacy violation Many nations today is in this state.

The powerful nation today is not in the population likewise not in their land mass and also not in the number of soldier on ground but is in the amount of technology in place. Because of the nation defense, people, properties, safety and prevention of future circumstances, nations are bridging the form human privacy.

It is obvious in today’s world and news on the air about lost of lives and properties where killing and destruction are happening due to evil intention of people to destroy what others has achieved and built. Privacy is being violated in order to bring damages to human kinds with some in-genuine reasons.

The people who are so desperate of having power violate the law of privacy. They tested their power over others in order to be recognized and become overlord. These particular entities uses various means to take down people in that position they desire thereby bridging and violating law of privacy while some violate privacy as a result of having fun in what they do.

Are we secure at all? Nope, we are not. Why? Like I said we are in e-World, technology has become part and parsel of our live, we live with it, work with and every activities depend on it. Our live is in the hand of inventor and that’s why those who are in control refuse to let go because they control human kinds irrespective of what they say in public whether directly or indirectly. For instance, Mr. A developed tools for security purpose and sold it out to Mr. B and Mrs. C. Irrespective of the training Mr. B and Mrs. C had undergone from Mr. A, Mr. A still have edge over them because he built the technology and can bypass it to monitor Mr. A and Mrs. C to get what he want or to destroy them. This illustration is for the consumer of technology products be it individual or as a nation

Let me say as a result of defense, nation contributes to violation of privacy, then what we are saying; are we not written letter to every individual to also continue the same thing. There is no way we can ensure total privacy but we can minimize the violation of privacy if we have the people of right heart towards people as our leaders, well details rule and regulation follow by justice, orientation about privacy and heart of love.

Not all privacy violation result from hacking into the database but this happened due to negligence of organization and in the parts of individual. At time we willingly gave out our information to people to probe us due to nonchalant attitude and not been alert to the situation around us and agent requesting information to access our data. People often gave out their identity on the World Wide Web for need of certain information without considering the damage on their part.

Privacy is an issue, if not dealt with properly will damper the enlargement of internet. For us to have effective internet governance which simply means bringing the (e-world) to speak the same language. Privacy must gain upper hand.



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