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For Information: Change in my professional role

Hi Diplo Fellows,

A Very Happy 2013!

I have very recently joined the Internet Society (ISOC) as Chapter Development

Manager for Asia-Pacific region.I would be working with both the Director for

Chapters and ISOC Regional Bureau to strengthen and enhance the impact

of ISOC and in particular, its chapters, in the Asia-Pacific region.
As you know, prior to joining ISOC, I was working with Pakistan Telecommunication

Authority (PTA), Government…

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Machine to Machine Communication - Not a Fiction anymore

Probably the science fiction movies and novels illustrating set of machines talking to each other are no longer an imaginary world. This is happening now! Thanks to machine to machine (M2M) communication technologies. Right at this time, a stolen vehicle might be reporting its present location, a car might be informing about an emergency situation due to its air bags activation, a photocopier might be alarming for a toner replacement and a smart meter might be informing a household about…


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WCIT- What is it all about?

Telecommunications with an amazing wealth of enhancing productivity, contributing to social development and opening up new economical horizons have been evolving since their commercial inception in early 20th century. In recent years, convergence of the telecommunications, media and information technology sectors is in full pace especially with the emergence of the Internet and with the increasing capacity of existing networks to carry both telecommunications and broadcasting services.…


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Apple vs Samsung - The battle fought with Patents – Who is the real loser?

According to a recent Cisco report, global technological growth will continue to be drives by smart connected devices; the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world’s population during 2012 as there will be over 10 billion smart connected devices in 2016. According to Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, there are 3X as many smart phones being activated every minute around the world than there are babies being born; a sign of time. Smart phones are being adopted at incredible rates…


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Crowdsourcing - Distributed Problem-solving Model

In recent years, a new problem solving / production model featuring distributed approach has emerged titled as Crowdsourcing. It is an online, web-based model that connects a distributed network of individuals through an open call for participation to solve a wide variety of problems. Over the past decade, various such systems have appeared over the Internet including Wikipedia.


The official definition of the term arrives from its originator, Jeff Howe, defining it as "the…


Added by Naveed on April 3, 2012 at 8:05am — 1 Comment

Internet Domain Name Space to Go Spacious: 2012 is an Historic Year

Probably the most critical non-tangible resources responsible for smooth operations of global Internet infrastructure are Internet Protocol addresses and Internet Domain Names. Playing around the Internet and Application layers of Internet Protocol Suite (OSI Model), these two resources continue to translate each other while Internet reachable to users. Likewise IP addresses, which are represented by Decimal (IPv4) and Hexadecimal (IPv6) notations, Internet Domain Names are represented by…


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MAG Nomination

Full Name: Naveed Ul Haq


Gender: Male


Nationality: Pakistani


Country of Residence: Pakistan


Organization: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority


Stakeholder Group: Regulator



I am an ICT professional, researcher and technology activist with major area of work surrounded around telecommunication networks and the Internet. Apart from…


Added by Naveed on February 19, 2012 at 7:43pm — No Comments

Changing Role of Telecommunication Regulators towards a Digital Future

In general, the need for new regulations varies with the situation and condition of a particular market place. While the design and role of a regulatory framework may change with the passage of time, certain critical elements are always integrated including decision-making processes, accountability, consumer protection, dispute resolution, spectrum management, licensing and ensuring quality of service. If we observe last 15 years, regulatory frameworks for telecommunication markets…


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IGF 2011 Workshop Summary - 'Role of policy makers and regulators in better governance of Internet'.

This year i was able to organize a workshop at Internet Governance Forum 2011 on the topic of ' Role of policy makers and regulators in better governance of Internet'. The workshop summary is presented hereby for the interest of readers.

The primary focus of the workshop was to invite a dialogue on role of policy makers and regulators in better governance of Internet. A balance approach was maintained with regards to workshop panelists, belonging to policy maker, regulator, civil…


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Satellite World – Communication high above the Earth

Today we on planet earth are enjoying communicating through high-tech devices all around us while the satellites high above the planet are making this instantaneous communication possible. The era of satellite communication started almost 51 years ago with one giant space balloon. Echo 1 was the name given to the world's first communications satellite capable of relaying signals to other points on Earth, flying 1000 miles above the planet. Echo 1 was launched on August 12, 1960 by NASA. It…


Added by Naveed on December 7, 2011 at 6:10pm — No Comments

Africa continues to be the fastest growing mobile market in the world

According to the latest edition of GSMA Mobile Observatory Series, with over 620 million mobile connections as of September 2011, Africa region has overtaken Latin America to become the second largest mobile market in the world, after Asia. The report also rates Africa region to be the fastest growing mobile market in the world.  Over the past 10 years, the number of mobile connections in Africa has grown with an average of 30% per year with a forecast to reach 735 million by…


Added by Naveed on November 14, 2011 at 9:25am — No Comments

Filtering content to safeguard kids – Some interesting recent developments

Blocking porn content has been on the agenda of public institutes dealing with Internet policy and regulations subjects. Child Online Protection (COP) is one specific terminology addressing this particular content type since children around the globe are the most vulnerable segment of a society in terms of threats / harm posed by porn content. Although, COP is not limited to safeguarding kids from porn content only, it includes a broader issues framework.

Blocking content is not an…


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Internet Governance Forum - Remote Participation Hub at Islamabad

Keeping in view the dire need of Internet Governance issues understanding and capacity building among youth and Internet professionals of Pakistan, NUST SEECS in collaboration with Internet Society (ISOC) Pakistan Chapter is establishing remote participation hub for fifth annual IGF Meeting at NUST School of Electrical…


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