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A Brief on Technology and Elections in Kenya 2017

Kenya has been in campaign mood for the past few months and the controversy surrounding use of technology in the 2017 General Elections in Kenya adds a spanner to the works. In the immediate previous elections, technology was employed in three areas: Biometric Voter Registration (…


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Technology and Violence against Women

There is a  Kenyan audio doing rounds on the Internet about a girl being withdrawing consent in what sounds like a pre-consented sexual encounter. A lot has been said about the violence in the video and I will not belabour that point. It does bring to mind the question of technology and violence against women (techvaw).


Violence against women is any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental…


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#KeIGF Online Discussions Day 6: Openess

We hope you are all well post POTUS visit.
Due to the the national activities last week, we were not able to post the last issue for discussion. Many of you had requested for a discussion on openness of the Internet and so we shall tackle that today. You are also welcome to contribute to all the other discussion threads from last week as we gear up for the face to face KeIGF . 
The idea of an open Internet is the idea that the full resources of the…

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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day Five: Emerging Issues

This topic attempts to provide the space to discuss a variety of

emerging issues in the Internet space.


1. The mandate of WSIS, a meeting of the UN that took place in 2005 in

Tunis is coming to an end. The WSIS process gave birth to the Internet

Governance Forum (IGF) which is up for renewal at  end of this year.

From IGF discussions, there are no concrete proposals…


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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day Four: Management of Critical Internet Resources

1. Is there an over arching national policy to guide infrastructure

deployments within the country?

2. What is the current state of fiber optic cable across the country?

Is there any redundancy on the cables laid across the country?

3. Are there policies in place for infrastructure sharing to avoid

each operator laying their own cable thus passing the cost to the…


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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day Three: Internet Economy

The rise of the Internet economy in Kenya has been defined by

different strokes. On  one hand there are small entrepreneurs doing

their side hustles from offices, small shops and car boots. They

advertise their merchandise and services on social media and in a

rudimentary form, some deliver merchandise in backpacks from door to


Enter the bigger players who have large…


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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day Two: Cyber Security and Trust

Kenya has had its fair share of high profile cyber threats, hacking etc, the latest being the alleged compromise of the IFMIS system at NYS/Ministry of Devolution. The country and  Africa at large is making efforts to assure cyber-security. These include among others her involvement in the Africa Union Convention on Cybercrime and a proposal for a Cybercrime law, an initiative led by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Significant financial resources have also been…


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#KeIGF15 Online Discussions Day One: Inclusiveness and Diversity

Since promulgation of the Constitution, Kenya has become a litigious society, and the ICT/Internet sector has not been spared. For instance, the processes used to constitute public ICT bodies was contested while a good part of the digital migration process also played out in the public galleries.


Looking at Kenya's…


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Draft Programme for Kenya IGF 2015


Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development

31st July 2015

The Stanley Hotel, Nairobi…


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The African Declaration on Internet Rights and Principles

African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms was launched during the 2014 IGF at Istanbul. In true African style, the Declaration has a long title, similar to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, on which it is based.


The Declaration espouses 12 principles among them openness, freedom of expression, right to association…


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Picking up: Jubilee Government's Promise of Provision of Solar powered Laptops to School Children

The Supreme Court of Kenya on 31st March gave a ruling on the Presidential Elections petitions, paving way for the Jubilee Coalition government to take over the running of the national government for the next five years. Of interest to many Kenyans as well as the ICT sub-sector is the Jubilee Coalition promise to provide solar powered laptops to every child within the first 100 days in office.

The relevant part of the Jubilee manifesto reads:

“...Work with…


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To trust to not to trust: Our experience with technology at elections

In December 2007 Kenya held her third General Elections under multiparty democracy. After announcement of the results, violence broke out in many parts of the country, with claims that the elections had been rigged. An agreement that came to be known as the National Accord was brokered by an African Union sponsored panel of African personalities. Under this framework, an Independent Review Commission (IREC) led by Judge Johann Kriegler was formed and tasked with investigating the cause of…


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Cross Cutting Issues from the National IGFs of East African Countries

(not in any order, not exhaustive)

Cyber- security

Open Data and e-Government

Intermediary Liability

Inclusion of youth and women

Local content

Added by Grace Mutung'u on July 17, 2012 at 11:12am — 1 Comment

KENIC AGM (Some Highlights)

On July 24th 2011, we attended the 8th KENIC AGM. As you know KENIC is a multistakeholder organisation so membership is drawn from government (CCK), Private sector (registrars, ISPs) and public through civil society. The minutes will be put online but here are some highlights from the meeting:

Google is partnering with KENIC to increase local content. KENIC gave Google a chance to make a presentation to especially registrars on how they can partner especially to increase…


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Hati hii inafafanua haki na kanuni kumi muhimu ambazo ni msingi kwa uongozi bora wa Mtandao wa Internet (Mtandao). Zimekusanywa na Muungano wa Haki na Kanuni za Mtandao (Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and  Principles), ambao ni mkusanyiko wazi wa watu binafsi na mashirika yanayozingatia haki za kibinadamu katika Mtandao. Kanuni hizi zinazingatia viwango vya haki za kibinadamu vya kimataifa na zimetokana na Mkataba wa Haki na Kanuni za…


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Issued By:  ICT Consumers Association of Kenya (ICAK)…


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Aren't these interesting rights?

This is a copy of a blog post also available at http://isoc.org/wp/igf2010/ ISOC's 2010 IGF Blog

Why is private data of businesses or bodies corporate held as property yet the private communications of an individual do not get this treatment? By the end of the future of privacy workshop, this was one of the questions



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Cloud Computing Workshop at IGF....hmmmm

This is a copy of a blog post also available at http://isoc.org/wp/igf2010/ ISOC's 2010 IGF Blog

Perhaps it was the fact that cloud computing is a big issue or that there was a Kenyan speaker on the panel or simply that the invitation to this workshop had the Kenyan coat of arms on top. Whatever the reason, Workshop No58 on Implications of Cloud Computing in the IGF today seemed to attract a lot of Kenyan…

Added by Grace Mutung'u on September 16, 2010 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

These may be of interest to a lawyer

These may be of interest to a lawyer
(also appearing in ISOC's IGF 2010 ambassador's blog)

For a budding lawyer, the IGF presents a rare opportunity to learn, to argue and sometimes even give opinions without quoting precedent! This year, the IGF keeps up to these expectations with close

to twenty workshops and meetings on legal themes. The topics vary from

corporate and social governance; human rights and freedoms on the

Internet; International…


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Proposed Kenyan Constitution and ICT Rights

THE PROPOSED CONSTITUTION of Kenya has been received with mixed reactions, with two clauses- on abortion and inclusion of Kadhi’s Courts- drawing the greatest…


Added by Grace Mutung'u on April 8, 2010 at 7:18pm — 2 Comments



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