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Predictions for digital politics in 2017: Unsettled weather, stormy at times, with sunny spells

Dear colleagues,

I hope you have had a good start of the year. This year, I continue my tradition of preparing the prediction document for year ahead of us. It is not simple 'crystal ball' exercise. It draws on continuous monitoring of digital policy carried out thorugh the GIP Digital Watch observatory and further discussed during hte GIP's monthly webinars. Throughout this predicion, references are made to the report Top digital…


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Diplo's Get Together at 9.30 (Rue des Lausanne 56)

I met Hempal this afternoon at the INET-meeting. I suggest that we see each other tomorrow morning at Diplo which is in Rue des Lausanne 56 (5 minutes walk from the Railway Station towards UN). You will need 10 minutes by tram to reach the conference center.

We will prepare some snacks,  coffee and tea. Please let me know if you could join us.

Regards, Jovan

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Interactive discussion: 10 years of the Convention on Cybercrime

Council of Europe’s Convention(al)…


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How 'remote' is remote participation? Trying to find right adjective....

Remote participation is a great success of Internet governance and this success is probably the reason why it has triggered discussion around its name. At today's IGF session, Hanriette from ACP questioned the use of the adjective 'remote'. I had the same concern because this particular adjective has potentially negative connotations. Remote participants are not remote any more. They follow the discussion in real time; they are increasingly engaged. A few alternative terms were suggested. 'E'… Continue

Added by Jovan on September 16, 2010 at 1:30pm — 4 Comments

36672 Internet Court Cases in the Hague?

36672 is the number of court cases which could be taken by nation states if they were to use international law to protect their Internet space.(1) Today, it is difficult to find any country which is not attacked by "bootnet computers" based in the territory of another state. According to vicarious responsibility, as is established in the Corfu Channel and in a few other cases, states are responsible for any harm coming from their territory. The only fact that has to be proven is that harm… Continue

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Fourteen Lessons from the Internet Governance Forum


This post is one of the texts featured in the forthcoming publication "IGF: Identifying the Impact" that will be launched at the IGF meeting in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF - the principal global body in the field of Internet governance) has introduced some innovative approaches in managing global policy processes. Some of these may… Continue

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Making Policy - Science or Arts (negotiations)? Can we measure policy?

You must have been in the situation that you read something you disagree with from a person whom you appreciate or admire. Should we trust that person or our logic? It happened to me while reading an interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. He is a great person in many respects, since his early days in Novell. His achievement in Google are amazing. "But" he said, or at least as it was reported by the Washington Post:

With Google's vast power for capturing and remembering…

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An Attempt to Explain the Internet Governance Forum

A few days ago, over a glass of beer, I tried to explain to a friend of mine what I do. This was not an easy task. Since he is a programmer, I thought it would be easier to explain the Internet Governance part of my work to him (rather than the diplomatic part), including the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The start of my explanation was not promising. He had many questions. After a few beers, my reputation started to shake. But necessity is the mother of invention, so I decided to explain… Continue

Added by Jovan on October 16, 2009 at 4:00pm — 3 Comments

Privacy and Our Survival Instict - "To See and Not To Be Seen"

To see and not to be seen is the survival principle in nature. The game between predator and prey is as old as nature. Plants and animals try to camouflage and increase chances for survival in spite of the Darwinian predicament of the survival of the fittest. Humans are no different. Since the early days, the key for survival was to see prey and not be seen by predators, and with the development of civilization later on, by other humans. Military history is the history of camouflage and… Continue

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Social Web - Security

Vedran made an interesting comment that people join social nets in order to get security. It is the security of not left out. In order to feel safe we have to belong (to family, group, school, company). Belonging gives sense (very often false) of security. Vederan, could it be applied to the social net.

Another broader reflection is about the current status of our "primal/survival" instinct to see and not to be seen. It is survival instinct in the nature (animals, flowers) as well.… Continue

Added by Jovan on September 15, 2009 at 1:54pm — 1 Comment

Future of the IGF - Revisiting "Tunis Compromise"?

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Sharm El Sheikh, and most of the Internet Governance (IG) policy in 2010 will focus on the future of the “Tunis Compromise” on IG reached at the 2005 WSIS. The “Tunis Compromise” introduced the Internet Governance Forum as a halfway point between those who opposed any change in the current ICANN-centreed regime and those who argued that the Internet should be governed through an intergovernmental arrangement.

What has happened between the end of… Continue

Added by Jovan on September 9, 2009 at 12:04am — 8 Comments

The Risk of Geo-Political Masochism - The US Congress and ICANN

On August 4, before recessing for the holidays, the U.S. House Committee that oversees the Commerce Department published their opinion, under the chairmanship of the powerful Democrat congressman Henry Waxman, proposing cementing the US-government oversight of ICANN by making the JPA (Joint Project Agreement) permanent, and ending the current “transition phase”. This opinion triggered many comments, although probably due to the August recess, not a lot of public discussion. The public debate… Continue

Added by Jovan on August 24, 2009 at 1:30pm — 8 Comments

Hitler and the Internet

"Who knows, if the Internet had existed at the time, perhaps Hitler's criminal plot would not have succeeded—ridicule might have prevented it from ever seeing the light of day."

An interesting counter-factual statement from the award speech of Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (The Nobel Prize Laurear for Literature - 2008). The title of his speech is "In the Forest of Paradoxes". Try to dedicate 20-30 minutes. It is an interesting text:… Continue

Added by Jovan on December 22, 2008 at 1:33pm — 7 Comments

Jovan's Higlights of the Morning (3rd December 2008)

I suppose that this is the right place to provide comments on the conference. Seiiti and Vlada, please advise.

This morning I attended two events.

The first event was debate on "Internet Voting". The house debated the following statemet:

"Internet voting is too vulnerable to be trusted". Gigner - I just discovered one more of her talents in moderation and facilitation of substantive discussion in a very limited time. . If the BBC discovers her, Tim… Continue

Added by Jovan on December 3, 2008 at 11:38am — 3 Comments

Comprehensive Study: "Digital Youth"

This paper summarizes findings from a three-year study of how new media have been integrated into youth behaviors and have changed the dynamics of media literacy, learning, and authoritative knowledge. Outlines implications for educators, parents, and policy makers. Please see: http://digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.edu/files/report/digitalyouth-WhitePaper.pdf for the full report.

Added by Jovan on December 1, 2008 at 5:46pm — 2 Comments

Global Policy Fashion & Spam

These days I work on the update of the Internet Governance booklet. The last update was done back in 2005. I discovered one "policy paradox".... Since 2005, the volume of Spam has tripled, according to conservative estimates (2005: 30 billion messages per day; 2008: 100 billion messages per day). Although we, at Diplo, have a good anit-spam software I spend at least 20 minutes deleting spam messages (mainly from Russia these days). One would expect that Spam is discussed in global policy… Continue

Added by Jovan on November 11, 2008 at 11:45pm — 4 Comments



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