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Open call: Google Faculty Research Awards


This may be of interest...

Google’s mission: Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

At Google, we are committed to developing new technologies to help our users find and use information. While we do significant in-house research and engineering, we also maintain strong ties with…


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Day 4 at #IGF2013

It’s the last day of a hectic week. Hectic for many of those in Bali who have been busy organising and participating in workshops, and hectic for many remote participants who have had to wake up very early or sleep very late to make up for the difference in timezones.

Internet surveillance was the main topic on the Taking Stock/Emerging Issues session agenda; a panel of speakers, moderated by…


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Day 3 at #IGF2013

Unless you’re attending the IGF in person, it is generally quite difficult to get a grasp of the general mood and temperature at the meeting. Our Diplo team on the ground, however, did tell us that by Day 3, the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre had lost many IGF participants to the beautiful beaches in the Bali area!

For Diplo, Day 3 was a…


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Day 2 at #IGF2013

Many of the Day 2 workshops focused on multistakeholderism, including the main session which focused on Principles of Multistakeholder Cooperation, and Diplo’s workshop 57 on Making Multistakeholderism More Equitable and Transparent, co-organised with the Multilingual Internet Group.

Our Diplo team on the ground reported that a debated issue related to the selection process involved in choosing non-governmental stakeholders, given that they are generally not…


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Day 1 at #IGF2013

Day 0 was characterised by the High-Level Leaders' meeting, and other pre-event workshops and events, which I referred to in my Day 0 blog post.

On Day 1, the main session focused on the role of governments in the IGF and the multistakeholder model. Once again, many high-level representatives took the floor to talk about trust in governments, surveillance, and the multistakeholder…


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Day 0 at #IGF2013

It is simply impossible to participate in all the workshops and sessions organised during the four-day IGF, as many of them run simultaneously.

A good way to see what we've missed in other sessions is by reading what others had to say. Apart from running the many workshops and sessions Diplo organised, my Diplo colleagues on the ground have also been giving their impressions after each IGF day, starting from Day 0, last…


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When the choice is withdrawn

It is ironic – to say the least – for participants of an annual IGF meeting to have limited Internet connection during an event dedicated to the Internet itself.

Perhaps it was not so bad after all. During workshops and main sessions, there were fewer ‘distractions’. We could not respond to e-mails, check out Facebook, or do any other unrelated task that depended on a stable connection. Whoever attended workshops could do nothing else but follow the discussion, take notes, or…


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States concerns ‘legitimate’ – Special Rapporteur at #ws205 #IGF11

It’s good to see Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue comment in person on his Report on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression; even more so to hear him address the concerns of sovereign states.


Whether its terrorism, child abuse, or any other grave threat, it is a state’s concern to want to tackle such a problem – a concern which…


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Second draft of ‘.Africa’ debate available for comments

After attracting more than 70 contributions, the second version of our online discussion on the ‘.Africa’ debate is now available for further comments and recommendations. 

The new draft is at http://discuss.diplomacy.edu/dotafrica. We invite all those interested in the ‘.Africa’ debate to post comments and reflections on an…

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IANA: globalisation, RIRs, community standards

The recent Request for Comments on IANA's contract attracted a substantial amount of comments. Among them were the comments of Jacob B. Odame, participant of the 2011 IGCBP Africa SW. Jacob, from Ghana, is currently pursuing his Master's in Communication Technology and Policy at the Institute of Information and Telecommunications Systems at Ohio University, US.

Jacob's comments centre on…


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Pls fwd the msg below to your contacts. It might help them. Obo Diplo, thank you!

Internet policy issues: past, present and future

Will the cutting off of Internet access in Egypt affect the future of Internet governance and policy? Are you concerned about Internet governance in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks CableGate incident? Will guidelines and regulations  be affected? What do you think about the reactions of governments and private companies such as Amazon and PayPal to the WikiLeaks phenomenon?

If these types of questions interest you,…


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Webinar: ‘NATO’s challenges: from Kabul to Lisbon. Lessons from the Summit’

NATO promises: can the most powerful military alliance deliver more than a strategic concept? Is NATO losing…


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The 8 most over-used words in Internet governance

In Internet governance parlance, some words and terms are used over and over again – ad nauseum. Read through the…


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The Social Network: copyright breach or betrayal?

If you haven’t watched the movie, I won’t be spoiling it by saying who the enemies are, even though there’s much more to the movie. And in that case, you should stop reading this blog.

But if you’ve watched the movie, I’m pretty sure it made you reflect on a few things. Here’s what got…


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Internet Governance book blog launched

Dear friends,

Diplo has just launched the IG Book blog, the online companion to Jovan Kurbalija's book, An Introduction to Internet Governance.

In the process, we also added 3 great features as a way of inviting you to come back regularly.

1. Download the book

Not only can you read An Introduction to Internet Governance online, but you can also download the book in .pdf format - in… Continue

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Do public policy decisions rely on policy research?

Many of us are busy formulated policy research proposals. At the same time, we are learning why policy research is important, the differences between academic and policy research, the cycles involved, and so on.

This week, our colleague and team member from ICT Strategy II (ICGBP2010) posted an interesting hypertext: the summary of a paper describing the pitfalls that have prevented public…


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The Google-Verizon proposal: balancing rights and obligations

(My two cents' worth of thoughts on the proposal)

What's good about the Google-Verizon proposal (and who's to benefit)?

- From a corporate perspective, it creates a new competitive environment for companies wishing to innovate and expand.

- A "private" network void of FCC and FTC (to a great extent) regulations may sound very attractive

- It strengthens the role of big commercial… Continue

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The impact of Social Networks on developing countries

The Foundation Phase of the IGCBP is coming to an end, but the debates raised in class will be preserved for a very long time... especially if they’re also shared on the IG community portal!

The following comments by Africa Group C participants were posted during a debate on a very current issue: Social Networks. The class was asked, what is the impact of Social Networks on developing… Continue

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Digital Agenda: European Commission outlines action plan

The European Commission has today (May 19) unveiled the much-awaited Digital Agenda for Europe, an action plan aimed at contributing significantly to economic growth in the EU and boosting access among users.

The agenda outlines seven priorities:

- creating a digital Single Market,

- greater interoperability,

- boosting Internet trust and security,

- much faster internet access,

- more investment in R&D,

- enhancing digital literacy skills and… Continue

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Most countries have met WSIS target of developing national e-strategies by 2010 - ITU

ITU has just published a new report, “National e-Strategies for Development, Global Strategies and Perspectives”, launched during the WSIS Forum 2010 which is taking place on May 10-14, 2010 in Geneva.

The report analyses the progress that countries have made on the e-strategy front, and goes into the extent to which ICT has been incorporated into poverty reduction strategies. In doing so, it distinguishes between three… Continue

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