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May's issue of the Digital Watch newsletter

Issue 21 - Geneva Digital Watch newsletter The May issue of the Digital Watch newsletter, which rounds up the Internet governance and digital policy developments of the month, is available. The highlights include:

  • An analysis of the top trends in May, including  the increase in ransomware cyber-attacks, the CJEU's impact on the future of the sharing economy; a possible U-turn in USA net…

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Coming up: webinar discussion on Internet governance in February

February has been a busy month for digital policy, with yet again many developments unfolding.

We've seen negotiations between the EU and USA on a post-Safe Habour agreements inching closer to a deal with the newly announced 'EU-US privacy shield'; zero-rating services being blocked in India; an encryption/privacy battle between Apple and FBI; and more encryption debates in the UK, to mention just a few. These developments will undoubtedly shape future updates, and…


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Today is Safer Internet Day 2016!

Today the world is marking Safer Internet Day, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness on the safe and responsible use of Internet and technology, especially among children and young people. The event, which started around 12 years ago in Europe, is now celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.

This year's theme is 'Play your part for a better…


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Webinar next week: Internet governance in July & August

Friends, hope you can join us on Tuesday 25th August for our next webinar appointment on developments in July/August. Announcement below or at http://www.diplomacy.edu/calendar/webinar-internet-governance-august-2015

[Briefing] Internet governance in August 2015…


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Second issue of Digital Watch newsletter is out

Friends, the second issue of the Digital Watch newsletter is out. The newsletter provides updates on Internet governance and digital policy developments, with a special focus on Geneva. Here's a break-down of the contents of this month's newsletter:

  • The…

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Vacancy: IG-related research position at University of Exeter

Friends, this announcement may be of interest to those searching for a research post in Internet governance.

The University of Exeter has announced a vacancy for a three-year full-time research post on their new project INTCIVSOC International professional fora: a study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance. The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the major public funding body for the social sciences in the UK and is…


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Webinar briefing on Internet governance developments in June

Friends, hope to e-see you on Tuesday 30th, for another round-up of Internet governance and digital policy developments in June. Jovan Kurbalija and Vlada Radunovic will summarise the main developments for June and explore upcoming events and possible developments. Read more below, or at http://www.diplomacy.edu/calendar/webinar-internet-governance-june-2015, and don't forget to register!…


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Global Conference on Cyberspace this week... will you be at The Hague? (join us...)

The Global Conference on Cyberspace is around the corner! If you will be at The Hague this week, please let us know: we are planning a get-together for Diplo alumni and friends, and look forward to seeing you in person. The get-together will also be an opportunity for us to share the latest on new publications and courses, the IG Observatory and the Geneva Internet Platform.

Please post a message below, or e-mail Stephanie and…


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Invitation to comment on draft Chair statement of the GCCS (by today)

Civil society is invited to comment on the outcome document of the upcoming Global Conference on Cyberspace, which will take place at The Hague next week.

Comments must be submitted by end of the day - apologies for the short timeframe. There will be another (short) opportunity to comment on the consolidated response next week.



Dear friends,

[Apologies for cross-posting]

We would like to bring to your…


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Round table: Open Innovation in the Proprietary World

Diplo is hosting a discussion on IPR, Open Innovation, open source, Creative Commons, and other IPR-related topics, on Thursday, 19th March. The full-day event should be of particular interest to those working in IPR-related sectors, and those interested in discussing these issues.

Remote participation will be available throughout the discussion, enabling you to participate with others from around the world. The agenda, with more details about the…

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Taking Internet governance webinars to the next level

As for many of Diplo's friends, the monthly Internet governance (IG) webinars have been a constant on our schedule. Last year alone, over 300 participants joined us online to discuss IG issues.…


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Strengthening Internet Governance: the message from the Geneva Internet Conference

The message below is an update following the successful Geneva Internet Conference which took place on 17-19 November. The outcome document, Strengthening Internet Governance: the message from the Geneva Internet Conference, is also available on the GIC website at giplatform.org/gic

Dear colleagues,



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Multistakeholder Advisory Group renewed

Colleagues, the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the IGF for 2015 has been renewed. The group is made up of 55 members, 25 of whom are new. The members are from all stakeholder groups and regions, representing governments, civil society, the private sector and technical community.

A special thanks to all those who participated in the Diplo community IGF MAG nominee…


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CSCG MAG endorsement results

The Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG) has announced the names of the CS nominees who are being endorsed by the CSCG, and sent to the IGF Secretariat as candidates for the 2015 MAG. We thank everyone who participated in the selection process: first, those who offered their names for consideration, then those involved in the discussions, encouragement and endorsement processes around the world. You can read more about Diplo's MAG member endorsement process…


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RESULTS: Diplo Community endorsement for 2015 IGF MAG renewal

Colleagues, thank you for participating in the MAG nomination process on this IG community space, and especially, thank you to our nominees for…


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POLL NOW OPEN: Diplo community endorsement for 2015 IGF MAG

Colleagues, the nomination period for Diplo community endorsement for the 2015 IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) ended yesterday evening with 15 nominees. Thank you for your nominations!

Chaudhuri Abhik…


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Period for nominations now closed

Colleagues, the nomination period for Diplo community endorsement for the 2015 IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) has just ended. Nominations posted after this time will not be considered.

The poll will open later on today (Thursday). More details in a few hours...

Meanwhile, you can read more about the renewal process…


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Latest update: 13 nominations, poll opening soon

Colleagues, we now have 13 nominations for Diplo community endorsement (see original call: MAG renewal process for 2015 is now open):…


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Update: 9 nominations for MAG renewal process

Colleagues, as you know, the Multistakeholder Advisory Group renewal process is now underway. In order to facilitate a more inclusive selection, Diplo is calling on individuals to volunteer to represent their regions and communities, especially those that need more inclusive, multistakeholder global Internet governance. The nomination period on this community…


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MAG renewal process for 2015 is now open

The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) established by the UN Secretary General carries out the important task of advising on the programme and schedule of the Internet Governance Forum meetings. The MAG, which…


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