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Technological and legal regulation of online social networks

Here is a copy of an article I published in 2005.

Online social networks received a remarkable acceptance in the Brazilian market from the year 2004 on. This paper presents brief observations on the relationship…


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Internet Governance - Standard Settings - Dissertation (portuguese)

Hey friends - sorry, post in Portuguese only.
Diferentes amigos têm me mandado emails de tempos em tempos pedindo uma cópia da minha dissertação de mestrado. Eu, sinceramente, acho que o trabalho final ficou mais ou menos - a gente nunca fica totalmente satisfeito, né?

Principalmente, ao assistir palestras e conversar com gente que realmente entende do assunto muito mais do que eu, noto quanta coisa que escrevi que precisa ser…

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Teaming up in Internet governance

How to team up with successful professionals on the Internet governance field?

The Internet governance "usual suspect" has a lot to gain by reaching out to new faces. By sharing his knowledge, inspiring, offering wisdom and leveraging and connecting professionals who are serious about a specific subject.

Most of the times, however, he is so busy finishing reports, meeting…

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Why we need diplomats

This is a question that is not directly related to Internet governance but that cannot be ignored by those on the policy side of what we discuss here.

Geoff Berridge addresses the question "Why we need diplomats" here:…

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How to organize a remote participation hub for the #igf10

By now you probably know that the Internet Governance Forum - IGF has an annual meeting: last year it was in Egypt and this year (2010) it will be in Lithuania.

Perhaps you are not sure whether you will manage to go there, or maybe you are already sure that you have other commitments and cannot attend in person.

(Hint: if, by now, you have not yet found a sponsorship to cover your travel costs for the event, chances are very small of doing it…

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Do you want a fellowship for the Vilnius IGF meeting? Read this.

Hey friends! Hope you're doing fine.

I'm getting some dozens of emails, Facebook and Twitter messages asking for the same thing: fellowships for the IGF Vilnius meeting.

So instead of replying to each individual, I thought it would be more transparent and efficient to write a blog post.

One thing that I love about the Internet is that people I never corresponded with can reach me easily and ask for the…

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SSIG - Internet Governance and multistakeholderism tomorrow

Everton Lucero, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and Bertrand de La Chapelle, Envoy Internet Governance, French Foreign Ministry made an interesting presentation on this topic. Here are a few notes I took:

The first important point is that the speakers are presenting personal views on the context of an academic event. They are not representing their governments in the…


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SSIG - the case of Brazil in the management of a ccTLD

Here are my notes from the presentation from prof. Hartmut Glaser, Nic.br:

The first connection was in october 1988. The first .br domain was registered in April 1989. The Comitê Gestor was created in May 1995. In November 1997 the PTT (NAP) was installed in Sao Paulo

Today we have roughly 1/3 of the Brazilian population using the Internet.…


Added by Seiiti on March 24, 2010 at 7:36pm — 1 Comment

SSIG - Telecommunication Regulations and Internet Governance

Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco. Here are some notes I made:

The history of the Internet reveals that we end to underestimate the traffic and the number of people connected. The demand is exceeding the most optimistic predictions. This is also the case of the mobile Internet.…


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SSIG - Coordinated Internet Resources

Demi Getschko, Nic.br presented the case of Coordinate Internet Resources. Here are some notes I took:

First, the history of the coordination of resources was presented.

In 1990s it was the first time we heard about the depletion of IPv4. In 1993 the Internet starts to be explored for commercial…


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SSIG - The role of RIRs in Internet

Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC, started day 2 of the South Summer School on Internet Governance. Here are some notes:

In 1992 the RIPE NCC was created by the community, with no legal entity, an open community with no formal membership. The bulk of the work is done by working groups, like the address policy working group.

Some services such as the distribution of addresses are public, while the database management is a service for… Continue

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SSIG - Content regulations and freedom of expression n the Internet

Pedro Less Andrade, Latin American Policy Counsel of Google Inc, made the final presentation of the day. Here are some notes:

Pedro Less Andrade: Content regulations and freedom of expression n the Internet

The web 2.0 is maturing now as the use of the net goes to social web. From the Long Tail to user-generated content and now the communities... and also collective… Continue

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SSIG - The next billion users

Here are some notes from the lecture of Sebastian Bellagamba, ISOC Regional Bureau Manager for Latin America:

Sebastián Bellagamba: The next billion Internet users

In 2007, the first billion users was achieved, and 32% of users were in Eastern Asia, and 23% in Europe, followed bu 18% in North…


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SSIG - The role of standards, protocols and codes in Internet governance

Here are some notes from Avri Doria, from Lulea Technology University, presentation:

Avri Doria: How can we look at protocols, standards and code from a principles-based perspective?

Do people writing code think they are doing Internet governance? Most of the time, no.

In documents we see "int their respective roles": how is that relevant to protocols,… Continue

Added by Seiiti on March 22, 2010 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

SSIG - A holistic approach to Internet governance

Here are my notes from the presentation of William Drake, Graduate Institute for International Studies, Geneva:

William Drake: A holistic approach to Internet governance

What is Internet governance and how do we know when we see it? There are many competing ways of seeing it and there are different consequences of the choice made.

The overview of the… Continue

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SSIG - History and policy of Internet governance

I'm in Sao Paulo now, with a fellowship for the South School on Internet Governance 2010. Below are some notes I took.

The first presentation is from Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Aarhus.

Currently there are many debates, including China and Google, the protection of intellectual property and it is an important thing to understand the history of the Internet governance to… Continue

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How to donate to Haiti in a safe and trusted online environment

Last week I was in the ICANN Studienkreis, when one of the panellists, from Verisign, provided a shocking number: on the UK alone there is around 680 million pound fraud a year on fake charity ngos, being 10% online fraud.

This makes me think about the current times in Haiti and the need for help. I feel disgusted and sick in my stomach by learning that fraudsters and scammers do not hesitate to take advantage of tragic events to make their schemes… Continue

Added by Seiiti on January 26, 2010 at 11:00pm — 12 Comments

Interview: Marilia Maciel, Brazil

This is the second interview we publish with Marilia Maciel (the first one is HERE) and there is a reason: she has tons of interesting things to share!

Marilia in IGF Hyderabad explaining the concept of Remote Hubs for the… Continue

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ISOC - Community Grants Project Funding – applications now open

Applications for the next round of ISOC’s Community Grants Project Funding are now open.

New to this November 2009 application round, the Selection Committee will award up to four grants of US$15,000 and the remainder of the awards at a maximum of US$10,000. ISOC will not fund the entire cost of the project – at least 25 percent of the total project budget must be contributed from other sources.

The Community Grants Project… Continue

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Interview: Raquel Gatto, Brazil

Today I have a good friend of mine from Brazil, Raquel Gatto. We met back in 2007 at the first preparatory conference for the IGF in São Paulo under the organization of RITS and FGV. She was doing her masters focused on Internet governance and since then a lot of interesting things happened!

SEIITI: Raquel, there was an important meeting recently held in Rio de Janeiro - the II… Continue

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