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Revue Hebdo Gouv Internet : UIT publie son rapport annuel sur SI; OTAN pour un Cyber ​​Operations Center; Microsoft pour une Convention de Genève sur Numérique; Liberté Information en baisse


L'Union Internationale des Télécommunications (UIT) a publié son rapport annuel sur la société mondiale de…


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IG Weekly Brief : ITU on ICT development; NATO for Cyber Operations Centre; UN SG on extremism online; Microsoft renew call for “digital Geneva Convention” Decline of internet Freedom


The UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released its annual report on the global information society, this year providing detailed analysis of the transformational “revolution” underway involving the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It also ranked countries by their level of ICT development.
On cyber geopolitics, NATO defense…

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IG Weekly Brief : Council of Europe to partner with Tech giants; FBI's failure to unlock cellphone of Texas church shooter; Twitter agree to store russian personal data; India on digital economy


This week, The Council of Europe announced an agreement to partner with the private sector in order to promote an open and safe internet, where human rights, democracy, and the rule of law are…


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News.Virtual Congress E-Justice Latin America. Director: Dr. Professor Antonio Martino

Congreso Virtual E-Justicia Latinoamérica. Director: Dr. Profesor Antonio Martino.


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Revue Web Gouv Internet : OCDE sur l'imposition des firmes digitales; Groupe de Travail sur Commerce Electronique à l'OMC; Consultation sur taxes digitales; Bad Rabbit ransomware


Cette semaine, l'OCDE a publié le 25 octobre les commentaires publics sur la conception de nouvelles règles fiscales…


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IG Weekly Brief : OECD on digital firms taxation; WTO to create electronic commerce WG; Consultation on tax regime in Europe; Bad Rabbit ransomware; Putin on cyber extremism..


This week, digital economy on Internet Governance headlines as, "OECD on October 25 released public comments from 52 individuals and groups on the design of new international tax rules for digital firms. The comments, released in…


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IG Weekly Brief : Tech giants to attend G7 Summit; Robot to speak at UN; EU to tax tech giants; vulnerability discovered in WPA2 protocol; cloud services market to grow; WTDC-ITU..



This week, the world’s major internet companies are attending a G7 summit for the first time, in an urgent attempt to draw up tough new rules to counter the dramatic rise in the use of social media by cyber exremism.…


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IG Weekly Brief : UN Artificial Intelligence Centre; Europol for cyber crime legislation; Tech firms to testify on Russian interference in US politics; KSK rollover postponed..



This week, The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is opening the new Centre for Artificial Intelligence…


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Revue web Gouv Internet : contenus extrémistes; Europe renforce sa cybersécurité; Rapport d'Internet Society; Raid sur .Cat; Europe augmente taxes sur géants du net; InterCommunity 2017


Cette semaine, en Europe; Les dirigeants de la France, de l'Italie et du Royaume-Uni aux Nations Unies ont exhorté mercredi les entreprises de médias sociaux à supprimer plus rapidement les «contenus extrémistes» d'Internet. La Commission européenne a décrit plus en détail ses propositions visant à renforcer la capacité en cybersécurité de l'UE une semaine après que le président de la Commission Européenne, Jean-Claude Junkcer, a annoncé son intention de renforcer…


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IG Weekly Brief : Online extremism content; EU's cybersecurity reinforcement; Internet Society Global Report; Raid on .Cat domain; EU to increase tax on Tech firms; InterCommunity 2017

This week, in Europe; leaders of France, Italy and the United Kingdom at the United nations urged social media companies on Wednesday to more swiftly remove “terrorist content” from the internet. The European Commission has outlined further details of its proposals to reinforce the EU's cybersecurity capacity a week after EC president Jean-Claude Junkcer…

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@Diplo Alumni -- join us on Facebook

Hello, everyone!

I'd like to invite all of our Diplo alumni to join us on our new Diplo Alumni Group on Facebook if you haven't done so yet. We're having a great time refreshing memories and renewing bonds. This closed group allows us to network in a more informal, private meeting space that many of you are already familiar with (and if you need help, just let me know -- I'm happy to assist). Not only can we share updates and brainstorm new ideas, but we can meet in person at regional…


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Revue Hebdo Gouv Internet : Agence Pan-européenne cybernétique; Base de données cyberattaque en Chine; Mise à jour sur attaque d'Equifax; Trump et May sur cyber extrémisme; .AMAZON


Cette semaine; la sécurité, les cyberattaques et l'extrémisme cybernétique font la UNE des titres sur la gouvernance d'Internet.…


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IG Weekly Brief ; Pan-EU agency on cyberthreats; China's cyberattack database; Update on Equifax breach; Trump & May on cyber extremism; ‘.amazon’ gTLD

This week; security, cyber attacks and cyber extremism make Internet Governance headlines again. So,  The European Commission has issued a new set of cybersecurity policy proposals, including the designation of a pan-European agency…

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Revue Hebdo Gouv Internet : Exercice de cyberdefense en Europe; Presidence UE favorable à censure; cyberattaque sur Energie; blocage internet au Togo; Putin & Intelligence artificielle


Cette semaine, cybersécurité et cyberattaques font la UNE sur l'actualité de le Gouvernance Internet. En effet, les ministres de la défense de l'Union européenne réunis dans la capitale estonienne, à Tallinn, ont effectué des exercices visant à tester la capacité du bloc à répondre à une attaque potentielle sur ses structures militaires. L'Estonie, qui dirige la présidence actuelle de l'Union européenne, a demandé aux autres États membres de l'UE d'aller plus loin dans la…


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IG Weekly brief : EU defence ministers cyberexercise; EU presidency for censorship; Energy sector cyberattacks; Internet shutdown in Togo; Russia's Facebook Fake News; Putin on artificial intelligence


This week, cybersecurity and cyberattacks on headlines as, "European Union defense ministers have gathered in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, for an informal meeting that included a cyberexercise aimed at testing the bloc's ability to respond to a potential attack by hackers on its military structures". "Estonia, who lead the current European Union presidency has called upon other EU Member states to increase internet…


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