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France: draft law proposing the end of bloggers' anonimity

Few weeks ago, a French MP has proposed a draft law which would oblige bloggers to publish their personal data (name, phone number and address) on their blogs. The use of pseudonym for bloggers, as well as for written press, would be prohibited.

The MP argued that, by imposing such measures, bloggers would have to take the responsibility of their statements, and, thus,  Internet users will be protected from deceit, lies or defamation.

Few civil society organisations and Internet hosting sites have publicly asked the Parliament to reject the draft law, mentioning that protection against defamation in the online environment is already covered by the French legislation in force (namely, the e-commerce law).


Source: EDRI-gram - http://www.edri.org/edrigram/number8.11/law-annonimity-bloggers-france

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I write a blog on the political issues in Pakistan and I would never be willing to show my real name let alone my phone number and address over my blog Just because the security risk it imposes on me and my family members. I am sure there are many bloggers in France too who would like to keep their anonymity.
Internet is loosing one of it's key features - anonymity.




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