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This is a copy-paste with minor adaptations of an email I sent to people from the IG Community (more than 400 people already if I'm not mistaken!) that generously offered to work together with me in a number of tasks and projects.

If you are a former IGCBP participant interested to become part of this group of friends learning together and walking the talk, just send me a message and I will be happy to add you.


So, one of the things I have been noticing as I do my work is that
I could invite people to join me.

It is always good to have other people's perspectives. And, though
in the beginning it may need a lot of energy to remove
the friction and set up a common base, if we can sustain our
collaboration, after some weeks, months or years we will be so much
in tune as a coordinated team that we can almost read each other's
minds and have a dynamite powerful effect.

The difficulty however is to sit down and think long term.

Why ¨think long term?¨ - you may ask.

Because so many times I got myself thinking:

- Well, I have this job, which I can pretty much get done in half an
hour or so if I work alone. If I decide to bring someone with me on
this project, I will need at least one hour to explain all the
elements involved. And probably I will not be clear enough, so I
will spend another half hour just to revise and fine tune the work...

So, you can guess what was my conclusion. I have always been doing
the work alone.

I also imagine you can relate to this experience, especially if you
work in big (or even small) organizations - sometimes delegation or
collaboration seems more complex than acting superman and doing it
all alone.

Yes. That is right - on the SHORT TERM.

On the short term it is easier to do things alone. But then at a
certain point we reach saturation. We burn out. There is a point
where superman cannot go further.

Anybody thinking ¨Justice League¨ is now thinking like me :-)

Yes. To reach the next level it is fundamental to know how to
collaborate. Harnessing the power of collaboration is something
which is important...but not always urgent.

We can think: ¨Oh yeah, ONE DAY I will use some time to empower my
team and involve more people¨.

But if we are always quenching fire, always taking care of the
urgencies... there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME to do what is important...
however is not urgent.

In many books (at this moment I can think of ¨The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People¨) there is consensus that growth is located in this
quadrant: of the important, but not urgent tasks.

The problem is that many of us get lost in the important AND urgent
quadrant... and stay quenching fire all the time... right?

So that intro was to explain what I am doing now. I am dedicating
my time to THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING ME and being excited to be part
of this process. I confess I never did anything like this before so
please accept my apologies in advance if I move into the wrong
direction. And I also thank you in advance for being critical and
open to let me know of your feedback.

Each person in this group has certain talents, interests and time
available. Being aware of that, I will send you from time to time
some emails with [CollaborationCall] on the title.

This will help you identifying that I have a challenge to offer you.

If you are quenching fire on your side, do not even bother to read,
much less reply to it.

I share the CollaborationCall to you as a gift.

Yesterday I was listening to an American psychologist, Marshall
Rosenberg, talking about how the idea of a request is seen in many
cultures as a gift. That the person making the request is ALLOWING
the other to be able to do something for him.

In relationships, that is a valuable opportunity. We all enjoy doing
things for those we love.

Notice that the ¨request¨ is different from a ¨demand¨.

You meet a REQUEST because of love. Because you can have
satisfaction by doing so.

The DEMAND on the other hand is inspired by fear. Fear that if
you do not do it, the person will like you less. Fear of
retaliation. Fear of losing an opportunity.

Please keep this in mind every time you see the
[CollaborationCall] email in your inbox. ONLY reply to it if you
feel the happiness of doing the proposed challenge... just like a
young child would feel happy by feeding a hungry puppy.

That is doing it for the simple and pure pleasure of doing.

And it is a wise decision to not do it when you are not in the
mood, is not interested or do not have resources. Because we are
friends. Everyone has to win.


What do you think of this approach? I am very open and curious to know if any of you has had experiences with collaborative efforts and empowering your team.

And remember that we have not yet closed the list of members, so if you are interested you can still write now to me saying that you want to join. Just reply in this discussion thread and I will email you with the details.

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