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This is a discussion space for ICANN fellowships - sharing info on how to apply, when and who has been selected, as well as their experiences.

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Mexico City Fellowship Update

A total of 17 fellowship participants attended the 34th International Public ICANN meeting in Mexico City, Mexico. Though 23 candidates from 105 applications received were originally chosen to participate in the Mexico City Fellowship Program, 5 were deferred to the Sydney, Australia meeting in June due to extraordinary challenges with obtaining visas, and 1 individual had to withdraw at the last minute due to obligations related to his government position. The following are those 17 fellows, with their country and region represented:

› Atef Loukil - Tunisia /Africa
› Arnold Chetty - Seychelles /Africa
› Tepua Ngamata - Cook Islands / Asia Pacific
› Mahawish Masud - Pakistan / Asia
› Scan Mitiepo - Niue Island / Asia Pacific
› Jose Dominguez - Dominican Republic / Caribbean
› Rayman Khan - Guyana / Caribbean
› Karlene Collette Francis - Jamaica / Caribbean
› Tatiana Chirev - Moldova / Europe
› Maria Monica Solino Platero - Uruguay / Latin America
› Diana Lezama - Honduras / Latin America
› Natali Rosario Perez - Belize / Central America
› Alicia Trinidad Paz Meza - Honduras / Latin America
› Diana Almahasneh - Jordan / Western Asia
› Dina Barakat - Egypt / Western Asia
› Denzil West - Montserrat/ Caribbean
› Monica Susana Abalo Laforgia - Argentina / Latin America

Highlights of the Mexico City week included a visit from Paul Twomey, a conversations with Tricia Drakes, chair of NomCom, topical presentations on ICANN functional areas including IANA (Kim Davies and Rick Lamb), Registry, Registrar and Compliance (Craig Schwartz, Tim Cole, Khalil Rasheed and William McKnight) and Corporate Affairs (Maria Farrell), as well as 3 fellowship alumni presenting what they have accomplished in relation to ICANN and the internet community since their entry into the fellowship program.

Those presenting were: Tatiana Chirev from .md, who "graduated" from the program and is currently seeking to become more involved in ICANN through the NomCom process; Denzil West, who has led the effort to run the .ms registry since 2001, and realized the conclusion of that goal in Mexico City, as Montserrat became the 90th country to be brought i n t o the ccNSO; and Fahd Batayneh, who in 8 short months since attending Paris as a fellow, has himself joined the ccNSO and is actively involved in 2 working groups. We are very proud of the growth and accomplishments of all of the program alumni.

The Sydney application round closed on 10 March 2009, with 97 applications received. Selected participants for the Sydney meeting in June will be announced on the ICANN website in late April.
Hi Seiiti, I applied for the Sydney fellowship in June. I am waiting for my admission. thank you
Hi all,

I was ICANN fellow in New Delhi (Feb 2008), ICANN fellow in Cairo (Nov. 2008) and now applied for Sydney. For me this was great experience and a possibility to meet Diplo fellows from all over world face-to-face.
The 35th International Public ICANN meeting will be held in Sydney, Australia 21-26 June 2009 with 34 participants selected from a total of 97 applications received. These candidates will represent 29 countries and various sectors of the ICANN community including 19 Government, 6 Business, 5 Civil, 4 from Academia, and 8 representing ccNSO and ccTLD interests.

Shefqet Meda - Albania
Adriatik Allamani - Albania
Ruben Raul Diaz Silva - Ecuador
Enkhbold Gombo - Mongolia
Baasansuren Burmaa - Mongolia
Rafael Ibarra - El Salvador
Blaise Arbouet - Haiti
Michel Stephane Bruno - Haiti
Siranush Vardanyan - Armenia
Hago Elteraifi Mohamed Dafalla - Sudan
Richard L Misech - Palau
Karlene Francis - Jamaica
Jeremy Mark Whyte - Jamaica
Vincent Ikovo Ngundi - Kenya
Pokotoa Ikiua Lalotoa Sipeli - Niue
Bayani Benjamin Lara - Phillippines
Naveed Haq - Pakistan
Royderitz James Tati - Solomon Islands
Alioune Badara Traore - Mali
Dalsie Baniala - Vanuatu
Ajit Sharma - Fiji
Diana Al-Mahasneh - Jordan
Scanland Pua Misiepo - Niue
Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvasa - Samoa
Mohammed Al-Dhaifi - Yemen
Tracy Hackshaw - Trinidad and Tobago
Sakaio Manoa - Tuvalu
Rasha Hameed - Iraq
Baudouin Schombe - Democratic Republic of Congo
David Kinsaka Nduenga - Democratic Republic of Congo
Nelly Stoyanova - Bulgaria
Jolden Johnnyboy - Micronesia
Charles K. Gaye - Liberia
Jorge Raúl Cabañas Acevedo - Paraguay
When is the next ICAAN fellowship. I am interested in applying

Next (The 36th) International Public ICANN meeting will be in Seoul, Korea, on 25-30 October 2009

Application Round opens: 21 May 2009

Application Round closes: 6 July 2009

You can follow the information and find an online applicatin form on http://www.icann.org/en/fellowships/ site.
Dear Seiiti

I wish to inquire if the list of participants for the ICAAN meeting in Seoul is out. I just check on the website but could not find anything.

Congratulations to our Diplo friends, Dalsie Baniala from Vanuatu, Rafik Dammak from Tunisia and Rasha Hameed from Iraq to become ICANN fellows for Seoul (the list is already up). This is great to see Diplo mates names. Keep up good work!
Well said Siranush. I think its just so important for those who are interested in the Internet resources policy issues to be a part of ICANN and at the same time if you are gearing up knowledge in Internet governance (you are putting a cheery on the top). Great going Diplo fellows and hope to see you soon.
The following 27 individuals have been chosen through online application and independent review to participate in the ICANN 38 Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium this June 19-25.

* Rustam Yunosov - Uzbekistan - Gov't
* Yashar Hajiyev - Azerbaijan - Civil Society
* Ulan Melisbek - Kyrgyz Republic - Gov't
* Alla Ulgu - Moldova - Gov't
* Adriatik Allamani - Albania - Gov't
* Shefquet Med - Albania - Gov't
* Sorina Teleanu - Romania - Gov't
* Timur Hasanov - Tajikistan - Business
* Mohammed Al-Dhaifi - Yemen - Gov't
* Shaarawy AbdelBaky - Egypt - Civil Society
* Mahire Kar - Turkey - Gov't
* Mustafa Unver - Turkey - Gov't
* Gabriel Ndow - Gambia - Gov't
* Hago Dafalla - Sudan - Academic
* Jean-Yves Gatete - Burundi - Civil Society
* Rahman Khan - Bangladesh - Gov't
* Baasansuren Burmaa - Mongolia - Business
* Zmarialai Wafa - Afghanistan - Gov't
* Dwi Simanungkalit - Indonesia - Gov't
* Jennifer Louise Anson - Palau - Gov't
* Victor Manuel Martinez Vanegas - Mexico - Gov't
* Jessica Calvo - Costa Rica - Academic
* Raquel Gatto - Brazil - Academic
* Carlos Rodrigo Saucedo Linares - Bolivia - Gov't
* Allison Albertha Jean - Saint Lucia - Gov't
* Blaise Arbout - Haiti - Business
* Jean Marie Altema - Haiti - Business




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Karlene Francis (Jamaica)
Ivar Hartmann
Elona Taka (Albania)
Fahd Batayneh (Jordan)
Edward Muthiga (Kenya)
Nnenna Nwakanma (Côte d'Ivoire)
Xu Jing (China)
Gao Mosweu (Botswana)
Jamil Goheer (Pakistan)
Virginia (Ginger) Paque (Venezuela)
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