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I guess most of you are already familiar with the concept of blogs, but even this basic video below gave me some insights - such as the notion that blogs should not be isolated, but rather be used to connect to people with similar interests who will inspire and add value to each other.

For me, Wordpress is the best option available if you want to have a professional blog.

This page has a good overview of Wordpress:


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If you do not want to adventure into HTML and coding, this may be a good first step for you:

Wordpress is really easy to setup, navigate and publish. Very intuitive and helpful. Technology is there. However...

There is something that friend of mine called "Fear of empty paper". It is situation that I have encountered many times in various situations. For example you open an illustrator design program and you want to design something new but have no idea how to start. Or, you open a blog and suddenly you realize what you shall say something to the world but you do not know how and maybe what.

Some people do not have this problem. They may have a ton of things to say. But I am obviously belonging to another group that may be shy to say something thinking nothing is worth to say.

All videos and suggestions explain how to get technically ready and how to reach the point of readiness to be creative. But then everything stops in a moment and long thinking comes.

Am I alone? Do you have fear of empty paper? Is blogging only for certain type of people? I would like to hear from you fellow bloggers and ones that could become ones. What do you think about creativity? Do you have some suggestion how to get immersed in this activity? How to organize yourself and be creative on blog smoothly?




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