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Focus is one of the main elements to get anything done.

In the age of ¨multitasking¨ it is so easy to shift from one application window to the other, go to a social networking, check email, chat on the instant messaging, send sms to friends.

And we feel we are busy. When in fact at the end of the day very little is done - worse, many small things are done but we let the big tasks untouched, procrastinating it (it is so much easier to reply to email than to finalize a thesis, isn't it?)

Insights about focus are welcome in this thread.

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Tony Schwarz is the founder and president of The Energy Project and I was fascinated by his (guess?) energy as a public speaker and the clarity of his ideas.

Basically he is committed into helping people to get out of the grey zone (when we are not working or relaxing fully).

The video below is from his presentation at Google headquarters and he has co-authored some interesting books.

Really worth watching.
Tim Ferriss has a pdf book called The Low Information Diet - how to eliminate email overflow with a very radical approach that I recommend to be careful when implementing (I am talking from personal experience, as I had some friends who got really offended to get my autoreply).

In any case, an interesting read

Hello Seiiti,

I agree with you. we used to to that. Can you highligh some solutions?

Hi Pascal, I am not sure which solutions you are specifically talking about.

Are you mentioning the idea of autoreply?

Personally I have tried it for a while and I did not like the results. No matter how politely you craft your autoreply, it may always sound to the reader as arrogant (kinda ¨I am busier than you¨).

The value of your message is what what is perceived, and not what you intended to say...

So, instead of Ferriss' approach with autoreplies, I decided to work on the timing I reply to email. For some messages, I do not reply immediately. I take extra time to reflect about the issue. This produces an effect on the other party who also slows down.

Sometimes I also explain that I received the email, and I will get back shortly. So at least they know the message was received and I am considering it.

What do you think?

Pascal G. Bekono said:
Hello Seiiti,

I agree with you. we used to to that. Can you highligh some solutions?





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